Cosmic Girl Mala Necklace
Cosmic Girl Mala Necklace

Cosmic Girl Mala Necklace


The Cosmic Girl Mala Necklace features Carnelian, Amethyst, Pearls, and Turquoise with tan Rudraksha Seeds and a deep orange tassel. We love this as a layering piece and great addition of color. Harmony's Cosmic Girl Mala measures 31" to the bottom of the Turquoise Guru Bead, with an additional 3.5" tassel below. 

Mala Necklaces are traditionally used for meditation and prayer all over Asia, distinguished with 108 beads around a centering "Guru" bead, and a tassel. Harmony's Malas are made with Rudraksha Seeds and high quality gemstones which are individually hand-knotted. The Buddha was said to have been sitting under a Rudraksha tree when he reached "awakening", thus making them seeds of enlightenment. Harmony's Malas are intended for you to use in  mindfulness practice of meditation, visualization, prayer and positive thinking.  You may count your breaths and count your blessings wearing these Malas alone or with other necklaces for a spirited and beautiful look!


Cosmic Girl Artist Inspiration: "Cosmic Girl" is my personal muse: a woman who is comfortable in her femininity, spiritual nature, intelligence, and joyful in her expression to the world! These gemstones are ultimate energy supporters, and these are my go-to gemstones when I need an energy boost.

My intention behind these pieces is to create an exciting, vibrant color palette that also supports us energetically and emotionally. Grounding and protective Turquoise, energizing orange Carnelian, golden Citrine supports our self-esteem and courage, green Peridot as a symbol of growth and renewal, royal Amethyst to stimulate our higher consciousness, and white Freshwater pearls to represent purity and balance...together they are spectacular and powerful...not to mention beautiful!

Set your intention with your new handmade mala from Harmony Scott, and be reminded of your positive affirmation each time you wear it. The more you "practice" your intention, the more it will collect in the center "guru bead." These beautiful "malas" are traditional Buddhist Prayer Beads, designed with 108 beads, a sacred number in many cultures. Think of these as "counting beads" or seeds of intention, with the idea to take 108 moments in your day to breathe deeply or count your mantras by running your fingers along each bead without the distraction of thought.

Whether used for Spiritual practice or a fabulous staple fashion accessory, Harmony’s malas will be sure to add to your soulful beauty and authentic style. You may count your breaths or count your blessings wearing these beautiful malas!

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