Repairs, Replacements, and Warranty

What is Your Warranty Policy? 

All of our jewelry includes a one year warranty to fix any defect that shows up under normal wear, free of charge. After one year, we will charge a nominal fee for the repair, along with shipping and insurance. 

Jewelry "no, no's" and Exceptions to Warranty Coverage 

Repairs and Replacements 

We will be happy to fix any defect that shows up under 'normal' wear for up to one year after purchase, free of charge. After one year or for damage beyond normal wear we will charge a nominal fee for materials and labor, shipping and insurance. Harmony & Crystal personally do all the repairs in-house. Certain designs cannot be remade or replaced due to the intricacy of the work, and the specific gemstones needed for the task. We are always happy to work with you, and your satisfaction is our priority.  

To start the repair process drop off your jewelry at our Carbondale shop. If you do not live locally, we recommend calling or emailing us before mailing your jewelry. Just by describing or emailing pictures of the damage we can better estimate if the design is repairable, and if we have the necessary materials and gemstones in stock.  

Please mail repairs or replacement requests to our Carbondale store at: 

Attn: Repairs 
199 Main Street 
Carbondale, CO 81623  

We recommend wrapping your jewelry securely with padding or protective packaging. We are not responsible for items that are lost or additionally damaged during shipping. Please send any loose parts if you still have them. Include a note with your phone number, return address, and any extra information or instructions about the damage or repair. 

After we receive your piece, we will make estimates of the cost, and we will call you for approval to continue with the repair and collect your credit card information at this time. All jewelry will be cleaned before it is shipped back to you. Please also include your email address if you would like completion updates and the tracking number.  

Replacements - what happens if I lose an earring?

Darn! Sorry you lost an earring, but we will do everything to help! In most cases we can match the other earring if we still have the materials in stock. Just send us the single and we will match it for 50 - 66% of the price of the original earring pair. Prices are dependent upon the complexity of the earring, if we have one already made, or if we have to make one special to complete the pair. If we are unable to match your single earring, we are happy to turn your earring into a pendant by wrapping a charm ring on it, starting at $10.

Just contact us and we will do our best to help you.