Repairs & Replacements

Please mail repair's or replacement requests to our Carbondale store at:


Attn: Repairs

199 Main Street

Carbondale, CO 81623


We will be happy to fix any defect that shows up under 'normal' wear for up to one year after purchase, free of charge. After one year, we will charge a nominal fee for materials and labor, shipping and insurance. We recommend wrapping your jewelry securely with padding or protective packaging. Please send any extra parts if you have them, and a note with extra information or instructions along with your return address and phone number. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items. As soon as we receive your piece we will confirm its arrival. After Harmony estimates the cost, we will call you for approval to continue with the repair and collect your credit card information at this time also providing you with an estimation of turn around time. All jewelry will be cleaned before it is shipped back to you and we will let you know the ship date so you can expect its arrival. If you would like to track your package, please also include you email address and we will send you the tracking number. 


What we consider "Normal Wear" 

1. Your jewelry has not been dropped, smashed, yanked or run over. Just as a glass would break if you dropped it on the floor so could a gemstone. This is especially important with large stone pendants and delicate briolette gemstones that are drilled at the top of the stone as well as some softer gemstones like turquoise.

2. Your Pearl and Leather jewelry has not been worn in the shower, tub, pool or hot springs. The leather will stretch and wear out more quickly when wet and pearls can lose their luster. Treat your Pearl and Leather jewelry with care, first piece to take off and last piece to put on. Pearls can be damaged easily from our daily products we use such as hairspray, lotions and perfumes. 

3. Treat your Gold Vermeil jewelry with care. Remember there is a layer of gold over the silver to achieve the 'gold' look. Take care in scratching or rubbing unnecessarily and also protect from cosmetics, hairspray and body lotions as these can erode the gold more quickly.


Sterling Silver can tarnish, especially if exposed to water or steam. We recommend storing your Harmony Scott jewelry in a plastic bag if tarnishing seems to be a problem. A small piece of clean cardboard can go into the bag to absorb any moisture and tarnishing elements that may be in the air. We offer a safe and non toxic cleaning kit to effectively clean your jewelry if it does become tarnished; however any jewelry buff cloth or flannel cloth can be used to gently remove tarnish from silver.