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Due to the nature of our business, we are always open to design requests.
Please do your best to write out your idea (or send a photo, drawing, look book)—creative ideas can't always be manifested in words. We know.
But, think about gemstones, existing styles, lengths, materials, etc. You can leave the technicalities up to Harmony (she's good at that), and she will think about your idea and her materials and go from there. Some designs she can make just for you, while others could possibly become part of the new seasonal collection. That being said, we will say here that she knows best. Not all designs are possible, sometimes just because we don't have the materials, sometimes because they just aren't. Timing is everything, and it is all about "Harmonizing," you know.
Over the years, Harmony has made hundreds of custom pieces for clients ranging from bridal and bridal party jewelry, corporate gifts, exclusive collections, "grandchildren" necklaces, or 18KT gold beauties—you name it. That is the beauty of small business—you can work with the designer.

How it Works

Fill out the form below, which we receive as an email, to begin the conversation. Someone from our Aspen or Carbondale store (Claire, Crystal, Jeanne or Harmony) will see your request, take an initial look, and let you know "what next." Typically, next step is having Harmony look at your idea and give you a call (or email) to chat with you about it, give an estimated price and time for the work and materials, and you two will make a plan from there.