Special Orders & Requests

Jewelry Alterations

Can you adjust jewelry? Such as lengthen or shorten, change clasps, or remove or add a gem or section?

We do offer most of our necklaces and bracelets in at least two different lengths to solve this issue. However, if you need additional length or made shorter, just let us know. We can shorten and lengthen, or change clasps on most Harmony Scott Jewelry pieces. When requesting a length change, we recommend to measure a necklace or bracelet that fits you perfectly so we can make it the exact size you wish.

Earrings can usually be shortened. You can also consider trying our complimentary ‘post’ earring tops. This will shorten the overall length about by 0.5” from the leverback earring tops.

Our leather wrap bracelets cannot be shortened. When we add length it may change the ‘look’, but it can be done. Just ask us!

For other changes, please call or email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

Alterations may require a charge due to the addition of gemstones and metal as well as our time. We would be happy to give you an estimate. 

**Note that all special ordered, customized, or altered jewelry is final sale.

Custom Jewelry

Looking for Something We Don't Have?

Due to the nature of our business, we are always open to design requests. We love bringing you new pieces and designing by collection, but sometimes you need something extra-special. Harmony is excited to work with you to create pieces that are one-of-a-kind a speak directly to your needs, wants, and dreams.

Please do your best to write out your idea (or send a photo, drawing, look book)—creative ideas can't always be manifested in words. We know. But, think about gemstones, existing styles, lengths, materials, etc. You can leave the technicalities up to Harmony (she's good at that), and she will think about your idea and her materials and go from there. Some designs she can make just for you, while others could possibly become part of the new seasonal collection. That being said, we will say here that she knows best. Not all designs are possible, sometimes just because we don't have the materials, sometimes because they just aren't. Timing is everything, and it is all about "Harmonizing," you know.  

Over the years, Harmony has made hundreds of custom pieces for clients ranging from bridal and bridal party jewelry, corporate gifts, exclusive collections, "grandchildren" necklaces, or 18KT gold beauties—you name it. That is the beauty of a small business—you can work with the designer. 

How it works: 

To discuss a custom piece, call us in Carbondale or submit an email below for a free 15 minute consultation. Our gemologist, Crystal, will be happy to discuss metaphysical properties, colors, meanings behind stones, while leading you through different design options. Like what's developing? Harmony will look at your custom project, discuss the details with you, and then personally make your one-of-a-kind piece!

**All special ordered, customized, or altered jewelry is final sale.