Earring Top Information

The Leverback

"The one-piece, secure wonder"

What we Love:

  1. Secure - This top has a little spring that snaps the back shut, and there are no pieces to lose. For people who have a tendency to lose their earrings, this is the best choice.
  2. Comfortable - The smooth, curved back will not poke you while you are on the phone.
  3. Subtle - Because of the thin wire, this will not overpower or distract from the earring design.
  4. Movement - A lot of our earrings are dangle styles, and they really look great when they move and sway!

What to Consider:

  1. Can add unnecessary length when looking for a short earring.
  2. Curved post can be challenging to put in for some women.
  3. Pulls down on stretched piercings.

Styles to Choose From:

Studs and Posts

What We Love:
  1. Shorter Earring - They are great to make an earring hang shorter (about 0.5" shorter than the leverbacks).
  2. More Coverage - It's just a fact that ears stretch out over time. For piercings which have been stretched out, this is a great way to cover up the hole.
  3. More Support - Good for women who are sensitive to their ears "pulling" and would like extra support for their earrings. This is also a good choice for extra long, dangly, or heavier styles (like chandeliers) that need support.
  4. Beautiful Styles - Studs look a lot less like "hardware" than leverbacks or wires, and the shapes can offer nice balance to the designs. 

What to Consider:

  1. Two Pieces - Because there are two pieces to this earring, some of us tend to lose one, if not both of them...Sound like you? Try a leverback
  2. Watch that post! Sometimes getting the earring back on takes a little patience. Too much force and WHAP! bent earring post. We can replace it for you, but it's not fun to bend a post. 

Styles to Choose From:

We offer a variety of stud tops but we automatically pair the stud that best goes with the style of earring. Let us know if you have a specific request on stud style.

  • Simple - This is a basic round ball, very simple and small. Available in silver or gold vermeil, and in small or medium size.
  • Leaf - Harmony designed this to be small and organic, great with our more delicate and simple designs. Available in silver or gold vermeil.
  • Flower - An exclusive Harmony Scott design with exquisite detail, and one of our largest, most supportive studs available. Great with a basic pearl drop or for extra support on one of our large "branch" earrings. Available in silver or gold vermeil.
  • Tear Drop - Another design from Harmony, this is a graceful tear drop shape, available in sterling silver or gold vermeil. Or in a medium size- silver only.
  • Floret - a simple take on the flower top, while still offering support. Available in silver or gold vermeil.


The Wires  

What We Love:
  1. Classic - French wires and wires are a classic, simple and discreet look. 
  2. Subtle look - These are the most "invisible" earring tops from the side and are a good look for photographed candid shots and brides!
What to Consider:
  1. Lost! The wire doesn't have a closure on the back – which means a flick of the hair can snag your earring. We always include a set of earring backs in case you like the wire but want extra security (but these can be a bit difficult to get on & off.) 

Styles to Choose From:

The Hoops  

What We Love: 
  1. Diversity - These are a fabulous option to convert our necklace pendants into earrings! All of our pendants can go on these hoops, and it creates a very cool mod-geo fashion look. They can also be worn without the pendant.
  2. Bold Look with Simplicity - The hoop is great for the more simple styles of pearls and gemstones, and creates a bolder look when paired with these designs.
  3. Closure - Our hoop has a wire that "locks down" behind the ear for security. No second piece to lose.
What to Consider:
  1. Sizes - we have different sizes available so make sure to fit the size to not only your earlobe but for the style you're going for.
Styles to Choose From


      The 14kt - 18kt Tops

What We Love: 
  1. Allergies: These offer solutions to women who "can't wear anything but gold" but love the styles outside of Harmony's handmade 18kt collection.
  2. Durability: They will never fade in color as well, preserving the gold look of the earring significantly.
  3. And all the benefits of the Leverback - secure, comfortable, subtle, and movement
What to Consider:
  1. Well, they cost more, but they are worth it!
Styles to Choose From:
  • 14kt White Gold for silver earrings
  • 18kt Yellow Gold for Gold Vermeil earrings

The Clip-ons  

Every woman should be able to wear earrings if they want to! So, of course we offer clip-ons. These are comfortable clip ons (we think so, anyway), with a small spring which snaps these shut. We like that the front of this earring offers a nice design element, too.