Helpful Gift Buying Tips

Choosing the perfect piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be a headache or break the bank. Use the following tips for successful shopping! 


Setting a budget can actually help focus your shopping so you don’t get overwhelmed by choices. It is important you feel comfortable with the amount you are spending. Sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls can be very affordable. Our entire website is organized by low to high price, or you can view our gift guide that organizes our jewelry by price categories. 


It is easy to melt her heart by putting in a minimum of effort. How can you be sure she will "love it"? Well, the following tips will help. 

Character and Style 

Where will she be wearing her jewelry? 

It is good to consider lifestyle and profession when choosing jewelry – then she will get lots of opportunities to enjoy your gift! Here are some hints: 

Birthday? Shop by Birthstone/Zodiac Stones 

This can be a meaningful way to choose a gift. In the last century, American jewelers started using "birthstones" that are associated with the individual months rather than the zodiac signs. Zodiac stones are associated with each astrological sign and have been used for centuries in many cultures. Many unique and affordable gemstones have a long association with the different signs of the zodiac. By choosing her zodiac gemstone or birthstone or maybe her child's birthstone, you are giving a gift that is both thoughtful and meaningful to the individual. There is a birthstone section on our website where you can check out the birthstones and designs by month. You can always use our search feature if you don't see what you are looking for under the birth month. We don't have every single item with a given birthstone on each month. 


Still Need a hand? Write us a note and we will call you or email you back with advice!