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Harmony Scott is a multi passionate entrepreneur, with a 20 year international career as a successful jewelry designer and a Transformative Coach of Love, Sex & Sacred Relationship.  She combines her grounded business mind with a soulful calling to somatic healing and embodied self-inquiry. Harmony believes  sexual energy is the foundation of our creative life force and a path to our highest human potential.  

Her approach is grounded through years of training in the ancient wisdom of Tantra, Taoism and Meditation infused with embodiment practices of Martial Arts, 5Elements and Mystical Dance. She combines Eastern traditions with a modern understanding of brain science, neuropsychology, trauma healing, and cutting-edge relationship theory into powerful therapeutic practices.
Harmony has worked with thousands of women and men of all ages and backgrounds to create a safe, loving space to honor, empower and transform the most intimate areas of life. Harmony’s mission is to offer the world the tools of Self-Love, Pleasure & Joy, Inner Wisdom, and Human Connection that move us from Surviving into Thriving! 

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Client Feedback

"You are a true advocate for women and humans. You are beautiful inside and out and I was first drawn to you because I have admired the way you lived your life since my early 20's. It takes a lot of courage to do what you are doing and I want to say thank you for the kindness, compassion and wisdom you showed me through those months. I will always be eternally grateful to you.

I feel as though I am well on my way to living the life I have always dreamed of. I feel like I have a road map and a plan. Before, I just felt discontent and aimless. I can truly say that working with Harmony saved my marriage and saved me. I would absolutely recommend Harmony to anyone who desires for more. Harmony's spirit is authentic and brings out the best in everyone. If you are willing to put in the work and make yourself vulnerable the reward will be unparalleled."  Adrienne G.  USA

"Harmony is highly intuitive, and provided a trusting container to explore some challenges I was facing. While working with Harmony, I felt safe, empowered, heard, supported, guided, and encouraged. She offered great wisdom and guidance during our sessions, and I was able to gain more clarity in a situation I had been struggling with. Harmony brings a wonderful set of skills and personal experience to the table which allowed me to feel safe to share personal and vulnerable information. I am so grateful for the work we did together during a very challenging time for me. As a therapist and coach myself, I know I need someone who can see things that I cannot and guide me in a way I can't guide myself, and I experienced this kind of support and guidance from Harmony."
Brittany E. Therapist & Coach - USA

"While working with Harmony I learned several techniques to work with breath and bring more awareness and presence to experience more pleasure. Harmony is super attentive, pleasant, welcoming,  give a sense of acceptance and openness. The visualization exercises were new and beautiful to me. I love that she gave also feedback and supportive approach that made me want to continue this path and this exploration. I really appreciate that you wrote me all the things we did so I can also do it on my own. Between the 2 sessions I had really profound experience with the breath work. I like that you gave me homework. I really enjoy and learn from your coaching and energy. Thanks SO much!  U rock!"                   Rotem R. -ISRAEL

"I was able to ground myself enough to get in touch with some real deep feelings and directions my body was trying to give me. Harmony helped hold that space for me so I could relax into any discomfort and let the feeling not only, rise, but speak and then be released. I learned tools to facilitate the experience on my own as well. Harmony has a a gentle and calming presence that helps make you feel safe and comfortable. I would highly recommend working with her!" Nicole K. - USA
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