Answers to Great Questions

What is Your Return and Exchange Policy?

We want you to love your jewelry and feel confident in your purchase. Please note that we are a small company of artists and our jewelry is handmade. There are variations in gems and pearls that are not only natural but desirable! Please use our contact us form to email us first with any questions or problems you may have, and we will do our best to answer your request with efficiency and integrity.

Web/Phone Purchases

Refund: Within 14 days of receipt of goods, you may return any item (for a refund, minus shipping and insurance charges. We only refund shipping/ insurance if the return is a result of our error, or the merchandise is damaged.)  You must fill out the included refund/exchange form, follow shipping instructions and return with item.  The item must be in its original, unworn condition. A refund will be issued to the original purchasing credit card after item is received in good condition back at HSJD.

Exchange: Within 30 days of receipt of goods, you may exchange any item except special orders.  Fill out return/exchange form on packing slip and follow shipping instructions. Upon receipt of merchandise at HSJD we will let you know the amount of your exchange/store credit for the full value of the item minus shipping and insurance.  If the exchange/return is due to an error on our part (broken or damaged item, or wrong earring top etc.) then HSJD will pay for the return shipping. You may redeem this store credit within one year of purchase. Credits can not be used directly on our website - you will need to call in the order to use the store credit as payment. 1-800-690-1948

In- Store Purchase 

 We only offer Exchange/Store Credit for purchases made in our stores.  Within 30 days of purchase, you may exchange any item (Except Special Orders/Sale Items - see below).  Either bring it into our stores or contact us for return/exchange & shipping instructions. Upon receipt of merchandise at HSJD we will let you know the amount of your exchange/store credit for the full value of the item. You may redeem this store credit within one year of purchase. Credits can not be used directly on our website - you will need to call in the order to use the store credit as payment, or if you are in our 2 galleries, you can use them there as well. Store credits will always be put in under your name.  In the case of a gift exchange, we will issue the store credit in the name of the gift recipient.

**Why do we offer Returns on web/phone sales & NOT on in-store purchases?  When you purchase something sight-unseen (like from our website or over the phone) we feel it is important that you have the option to return something that is not as you imagined it.  However, when you come into our stores you have the ability to see, try on, and contemplate your purchase fully.  Unfortunately, we have had the sad experience of people purchasing an item, wearing it a few times and then wanting to return it for a full refund.  As a small business, we are unable to operate under these conditions.  The unscrupulous are less likely to take advantage of an exchange rather than a full refund.   We hope you understand!

Please use original shipping box with padding inside and insure for full value; we are not responsible for damage to any item that is improperly packaged!

If you are returning an incorrectly shipped or damaged merchandise, call our Customer Service department Toll Free at 800-690-1948 for return shipping instructions.

How should I package my Exchange/Return/Repair?

Fill out return form that is on packing slip from your order, and wrap package securely in original or similar box with padding or protective packaging.

For a repair, please send the item along with any extra parts if you have them, and a note with any extra info or instructions. Don't forget to give us your return address!

For your protection, we recommend that you use US Parcel Post or UPS insured for the full value of the item, as we are not responsible for lost or damaged items!

Send it to (Note: Do not write “jewelry” on the outside of the box.)


Attn: Returns or Repairs
199 Main Street
Carbondale, CO 81623

What is Your Return Policy on Special Orders?

Special Orders are Final Sale Only!  Special orders are just that; we are making the piece specifically for you, and not refundable or exchangeable. Make sure you want it before you order it!

What is your Shipping Policy?

We ship Priority Mail Insured. After your order is shipped out, expect to receive your jewelry within 3-5 business days. For faster service we are happy to ship UPS 2nd Day or Overnight, please select your shipping preference upon checkout. Fedex does not insure jewelry, so we do not recomend using them. Please call us at 1-800-690-1948 with any questions or concerns!

Orders will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days pending all items are in stock.

Holidays? Please call us for delivery dates.

Emergency Order? We will always do our best to accommodate your specific requests. Call us with any questions. 1-800-690-1948

**All prices below are approximate. Insurance for the full value of items will apply. Exact shipping costs will be determined once the order is shipped.

UPS Next Day Air $67.95 and up
USPS Express Mail $32.95 and up

What if I need my order shipped as a gift?

We lovingly package all jewelry orders in brocade satin bags for a beautiful presentation. Gift boxes with an organza bow are also available, simply select "gift box" when you add the item to your cart. Click here to view our brocade pouches and gift box options.

We can also include a personalized note in the box, just write what you want us to add in the "notes" section of our checkout, and we will make sure it is included!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We now ship internationally to many countries. Upon checkout, you will be required to select a state, even if your country does not have states. Please select a state anyway, and we will correct the address when we receive your order. International shipping is sent via USPS global priority mail, and varies in price depending on the insurance value.

What happens if the jewelry I receive looks different than the item on the website?

We make our sincerest effort for the photos on the website to be a close representation of the jewelry that you will receive. However, slight inconsistencies in the color, shape, size, and texture of gemstones, pearls, and precious metals are not only natural, but are actually an added element of beauty, and have the distinction of making a piece feel alive, unique, and handmade. Natural things have the nuance of difference, and we feel our work's strength is in its individuality.

However, if you feel that the jewelry you have received is not to your satisfaction, we want to hear from you. Please see our Refund/Exchange Policy for more information.

What happens if my jewelry breaks?

We will be happy to fix any defect that shows up under normal wear for up to one year after purchase, free of charge. After one year, we will charge a nominal fee for materials and labor, shipping and insurance. Please use our contact us form to email us any questions or concerns you may have.

What is "Normal Wear"?

"Normal Wear" means that means you:
  1. Have not worn your jewelry in the shower, tub, pool, or hot springs. This also applies to any jewelry with leather, as it will stretch and wear out more quickly when wet. Many water additives and chemicals will tarnish silver and damage pearls and some soft gemstones. Some locations have water that is so full of tarnishing elements, it is best to store your silver jewelry in a plastic bag to protect it.
  2. Have not dropped, smashed, or yanked your jewelry. If you drop a glass on the floor, will it break? You bet, and so will gemstones if treated roughly! This is especially important with large stone pendants & larger cuts of gemstones, the delicate "briolette" gemstones that are drilled at the top of the stone, and some of the softer gemstones like Turquoise. Please be careful when putting on and removing your jewelry, stand over a rug to be safe. Also, our jewelry uses very fine, thin metal wire to achieve the delicacy and intricacy of our work. This is quite durable for normal wear, but can be seriously weakened if bent, smashed, or pulled roughly.
  3. Have kept your pearls away from chemicals! Put your pearls on after the hairspray, and don't wear rings or bracelets when you are using cleaning agents or chemicals. This also applies to Turquoise, which will darken and change color over time with exposure to body oils and skin chemistry.
  4. Have treated your Gold Vermeil jewelry with care, remember that there is a thin layer of gold over the silver to achieve the "gold look" that should not be scratched or rubbed unnecessarily, and also should be protected from cosmetics, hairspray, and body lotions, as these will erode the gold more quickly.

We offer jewelry cleaning kits for purchase so you can easily care for your jewelry if it should become tarnished or dirty - Click here to view & purchase.

Do you have more information about the gemstones and materials you use?

Yes! We have a wonderful page that details many gemstones we use. Click here to view. To learn more about the other materials we use, as well as our techniques, click here.

What if I want something, but it is One-of-a-kind, Sold Out, or I no longer see it on the website?

Call us at 1-800-690-1948 and we will be happy to help you in any way we can. Some items are not shown on the website, but are still available in our gallery. Just ask! If you are looking to match a specific outfit or colors (like bridesmaid dresses) send us a photo or a color swatch and we can guide you to a selection of good choices.

How do I choose a length for my jewelry or gift?

Click here for our gift guidelines. Click here for our sizing guidelines.

What earring top I should choose? What options are available for the earrings on your website?

You can view photos of the available earring tops by clicking here. We usually photograph our earrings in the way that we think goes best- so if you like the photo, just choose "as shown" on the earring top selection tab. However, many people prefer an "earwire" or a "stud" on their earrings, so we have multiple options available. The choices on the website are "as shown", "stud", "leverback", and "wire". Harmony automatically pairs the earring with what she thinks goes best in each category, but in the link, you will find a more extensive list of what we offer. If you would like a specific choice, just enter the name in the "notes" area of the shopping cart.

What if I need Clip-on Earrings?

Any of our earrings can be made into clip-ons. There is a small additional charge to add clip-ons to your order. You may order silver or gold vermeil clip-ons by clicking here.

Do you do jewelry adjustments, such as lengthening or shortening?

We can shorten and lengthen, or change clasps on most Harmony Scott jewelry. When requesting a length change, please be sure to measure a necklace or bracelet that fits you perfectly so we can make it the exact size you wish. For extensive changes, please use our contact us form to email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

We do offer most of our necklaces and bracelets in two different lengths to solve this issue. However, if you need it additionally long or short, just let us know.

Whenever we lengthen a necklace or bracelet there is some additional charge because we need to add more pearls, gems, and silver or gold as well as our labor. We will be happy to give you an estimate.

Our leather wrap bracelets cannot be shortened. When we add length it will change the "look" of where it clasps, but it can be done. Just ask.

Earrings can usually be shortened. You can also consider trying a "stud" top, this will shorten the overall length about 1/3" from where the earring would hang on a wire or leverback.

What if I would like to place a Special Order?

If you are looking for a specific color or style, but don't see it on the website please contact us with a photo of the outfit you would like to match and (most helpful!) the item code of any jewelry that is on our website that is closest to what you want in terms of color, design, length etc. We can email you photos of items that we may have that are not offered online, or create something special just for you!

Please remember that Special Orders will usually be more expensive than our other jewelry due to the increased time and effort that will go into the design process. We will always give you an estimate before we begin work on your Special Order.

Special Orders are Final Sale Only! Special Orders are just that; we are making the piece specifically for you, and it is not refundable or exchangeable. Of course we will work with you to ensure your satisfaction, but be sure you want it before you order it!

What do I do if my jewelry gets dirty or tarnished?

Silver jewelry can be stored in a clean plastic bag if tarnishing seems to be a problem. A small piece of clean cardboard can go into the bag to absorb any tarnishing elements that may be in your air. Many locations have chemicals in their water (like chlorine or sulfur) that get into the air and tarnish silver jewelry more quickly. Also, don't wear your silver jewelry in the shower, tub, pool, or especially hot springs! The chemicals and additives in most water will quickly tarnish silver and gold vermeil.

We recommend using any jewelry buff cloth (or flannel cloth) to gently remove tarnish from silver. For more serious issues, we offer a small & convenient jewelry cleaning kit - click here to view and purchase. Included is a polish cream and small toothbrush to get even the most intricate areas clean as well as a small buff cloth and cleaning instructions. These products are non-toxic and biodegradable (made out of coconut and banana oils), won't harm your gems, pearls, or health and are absolutely fantastic!

If you need help now, you can try toothpaste with a soft toothbrush, concentrate only on the silver chain and try not to touch pearls or gemstones. Before rinsing, use a clean, moist cloth to gently polish the silver chain and remove tarnish, then rinse in warm filtered water and air dry. Makeup or grime can be removed from pearls and gemstones with warm filtered water and a tiny bit of gentle handsoap, rub with a soft cloth to clean, and air dry.

We do not recommend the silver cleaners, or chemical silver dip that you find at most supermarkets. They are highly toxic and can damage your pearls and gemstones!

How do I care for my leather jewelry?

Do not wear your leather in the shower, tub, pool, or hotsprings! Would you wear your leather strappy sandals into the pool and expect them to be perfectly fine? No! This also applies to washing the dishes, your face etc. if you will be getting the leather excessively wet, as it will stretch and wear out more quickly. Also, squashing or yanking the leather will deform the silver work and weaken or break the leather. With proper care your leather jewelry should give you long-lasting, comfortable wear and enjoyment.

What is Gold Vermeil? How do I keep my Gold Vermeil jewelry looking good?

Our Gold Vermeil is 22 or 24kt gold electroplated over sterling silver. This gives our jewelry an extra luxurious and distinctive look of high-karat gold for a fraction of the expense. Gold Vermeil is a bit more expensive than sterling silver alone due to the high cost of gold, but it really gives you an amazing look for a very reasonable price.

However, gold vermeil can also wear off over time due to exposure to skin chemistry (including perfume & cosmetics), body oils, and abrasion that slowly fade the layer of gold. To keep your gold vermeil jewelry looking its best, be especially careful to not shower or swim while wearing it, and be careful with hairspray, perfume, cosmetics, and lotions on your jewelry. If you must clean your gold vermeil jewelry, use a very soft cloth or gentle hand soap and filtered water ONLY and no tarnish remover or jewelry polish (the abrasives & chemicals will strip the gold layer more quickly.) It is also best to wear your Gold Vermeil jewelry more sparingly & gently if you really want the gold to last a long time.

If you must have the rich color of gold, but don't want to deal with gold vermeil or plated gold "fading" the only alternative is to invest in a pure gold piece, preferably in 18 or 22kt gold. There is a reason gold is so highly valued! The warmth, shine, and beauty of solid gold jewelry can last for generations.

What happens if I lose an earring?

In most cases we can match the other earring if we still have the materials. Just send us the single and we will match it for 1/2 to 2/3 the price of the original earring pair (depending upon if we have one already made, or if we have to make it), plus shipping and insurance. If we are unable to match it we can usually offer you a similar design and color. Just use our contact us form to email us first and we will do our best to help!

Do you fix other designer's jewelry?

No. Harmony only repairs her own work. She simply does not have the time to work on damaged jewelry from other designers, and many times the work needed is outside of her expertise. Thank you for your understanding.

What are the benefits of joining the e-newsletter and becoming a "preferred customer"?

We will never spam, sell your information, or take your confidence for granted. By becoming a preferred customer you will be the first to know about new designs and sales (additionally, we will have periodic sales & specials ONLY for preferred customers.) We will send you a gift certificate in your birthday month that you can use in the stores or on the website. After becoming a preferred customer, we can add any favorites to your "wish list" to help guide potential purchasers to the right item for you! You can always remove yourself at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link on any e-newsletter.

Where else can I find your jewelry? Do you sell to any stores near me?

A select group of fine galleries and boutiques carry our jewelry around the country. Since all of our designs are limited edition, our retail customers carry a unique and changing line. Please click here to find out if there is a store near you. If you know of a store that you think would love our work, please feel free to refer them to our site for more information.

How do I become a wholesaler of your jewelry?

Please click here to view the entire wholesale information page.