What to Love & Learn About Harmony's Earring Top Options

Leverbacks are our go-to top, and are photographed in most of our photos.
What We Love This style is the most secure earring, and most trouble-free. Why? There are no parts to lose, and the spring-snap ensures these earrings will stay closed and where they should be. These are a favorite if you always are sleeping in your earrings, spend time on the phone, you name it. They are comfortable!  What We Learned: These can be challenging for some women to put on due to the curve of the earring. They're not too tricky once you get the hang of it...And if you are looking for a shorter earring, posts will be about 0.5" shorter than a leverback. 





Flower & Tear Drop Stud StylesFlower Posts & Tear Drop Posts, are our second favorite in aesthetic and functionality. 

What We Love: This top not only becomes part of the design, but supports our poor earlobes as well. For anyone with a stretched piercing or "trouble ears," we highly recommend going with any of our stud styles, both to cover the hole and add some support to prevent further damage. Also, these are great for young ladies, as freshly pierced ears should wear a post (to ensure proper healing), and they don't add as much length. Little drop earrings with a leaf top are the most popular for girls under the age of 16. What We Learned: Be sure to push the backing on tight enough so the post sits firmly against your ear. Too loose and it could be lost! 




Leaf Posts & Leaf French Wire are a favorite aesthetic for many

Pictured are the Leaf French Wires. Our leaf posts are the same design, but with a straight post and backing rather than the traditional French hook or wire.  What We Love: The leaf design adds such a beautiful, fun style. This is a great way to shorten a design from the measured length (about 0.5"), and adds a beautiful aesthetic. 
What We Learned: French Wires can be flipped out of your ear pretty easily! We will send you nice little rubber backings for the French Wires.We only recommend leverbacks for photo shoots and special occasions (weddings, prom, etc) as they have less "hardware" showing and look beautiful from any angle (no post and a backing sticking out).


Clip On Earring Example

Clip On Earrings are available on all of our earrings! 

What We Love: Perfect for the non-pierced ear, comfortable and secure! We believe every woman should be able to express their style, pierced ears or not. The top is designed to hug right around your ear, and work with any of our designs. We think these look especially fabulous with any of our dangly earrings--Vines, branches, mandalas, or simple studs. Wonder if yours will look good? Give us a call and we'll test them out for you.


What We Learned: Clip Ons take away some of that "dangle" for small earrings, but still look great. 



18kt Yellow Gold & 14kt White Gold Leverback Tops (pictured on Tahitian Pearl Earrings!)

Harmony offers her solid gold earring tops to offer a solution for women with very sensitive allergies.

What We Love: These offer solutions to women who "can't wear anything but gold" but love the styles outside of Harmony's handmade 18kt collection. They will never fade in color as well, preserving the gold look of the earring significantly. We will just trade out the normal earring top for an 18kt earring top. Choose 14kt White Gold for silver earrings, and 18kt Yellow Gold for Gold Vermeil Earrings. 

What We Learned: Well, they cost more, but they are worth it!