Meet Claire


Come for the Winter, Stay for the Summer, as the saying goes. I did the opposite, but planned neither. I was on a solo drive from the East Coast to my native California, leaving as a college graduate and heading to a promising job as a Fundraising and Events Coordinator in Santa Barbara, when I drove over Independence Pass. It was the Summer, mind you, and the sunshine and active living, celebrated with picnics over classical music and concerts at the Belly Up, had me wondering what was so great about California, anyway. It was the people I met, traditions that were shared, and that gut feeling that told me I was in the right place. So I stayed. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit myself, working for Harmony Scott was a childhood dream (kind of), as I used to make and sell jewelry for years and always admired her work. After calling off my arrival to the West Coast, I was ecstatic. I panicked. I went with it. My sister suggested I check out the local paper, dress nicely (is dress to impress too cheesy?), take the day to walk through town, and envision the perfect job. As she said that, Harmony crossed my mind immediately. I called the Aspen store and Harmony answered. Hiring? No. Maybe in November--send me your resume.

I went to town as suggested, picked up a few restaurant applications, and walked around yo-yoing, enjoying the

sunshine. I went to Harmony's to repair a bracelet my sister had given me, and walked into Harmony reading my resume. We chatted while she repaired my bracelet. She remembered my mom (a longtime fan also), and we chatted about Marketing. Why not put a face to the name?

A week or so later, Harmony calls me and tells me Collin is going part time to go to nursing school. Let's give it a try. This was three years ago.

My experience with her has proven invaluable not only in strengthening my skills in marketing, but participating in the many facets it takes to run a small business. I now join Harmony on her design trips to Bali, and had the distinct pleasure of building this website.


I hope you enjoy the new experience. We worked hard to manifest those intangible touches in order to make your visit here as special as coming in the shops. Please tell me your thoughts and suggestions. Like any work of art, it is never complete.