Topaz is one of the modern birthstones for November, and is also the zodiac stone of Sagittarius, November 23 - December 22.

Topaz occurs not only in the transparent yellow, yellow brown, orange brown, and pinky brown, but also in a very light to medium red, very light to light blue, very light green, light greenish yellow, and colorless. Topaz is a hard, brilliant stone with a fine color range, and is very popular in jewelry.

Topaz is exceptionally brilliant, known as "The Stone of the Sun", allowing its wearer to place their dreams and wishes into it to be reflected into the universe for fulfillment.  True topaz, the symbol of love and affection, aids in sweetening ones disposition by balancing emotions, while helping to break up stagnant energy in the body.  Topaz helps to attract good fortune, happiness, and hope.

Topaz supports and increases the power of the 3rd  or Solar Plexis Chakra, but influences the other Chakras based on stone's color.

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