Pearls & Moonstone | June

Enlightenment, Consciousness, Clarity, Purity

The birthstones for June are Pearls & Moonstone! Pearls originate from the water, grown in mullusks of oysters, mussels, or clams most commonly. Pearls have been regarded as one of the most valuable gem materials and have been used for adornment for 6,000 years. In their natural state, Pearls show their full gloss, the desired luster. Legend has said Pearls are tears that fell into the ocean into open oyster shells to harmonize bodily rhythms with those of the natural cycles of the moon and the seasons. A powerful stone for prosperity!  Moonstone is the alternative birthstone for June and is associated with female reproductive cycles and the moon goddesses of fertility. It is said to have formed out of pure moonlight. An excellent healing stone for women, this magical stone plays a central part in allowing positive energies to flow. We love the flash of blue, and all of our Moonstone is hand picked by Harmony for the amazing luster. 

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