Moonstone is the other well-loved modern birthstone for June, and is known by its enchanting play and "flash" of glowing light that seems to spring from inside the stone.  It is a part of the feldspar family from a variety known as adularia and is typically found in white to milky blue, but can also come in other soft colors such as peach, tan, and green. 


Moonstone was regarded in many cultures as a holy, magical stone.  It has been known as the "dream stone" which helps the wearer to have beautiful visions while asleep.  Moonstone helps to bring all that is needed to fulfill your deepest wishes, balancing emotions and honing intuition.   It represents nurturance, motherly love, support, and encouragement and has been credited with healing and regenerating tissues, organs, and the reproductive system.  It is attuned to the feminine Goddess energy, the moon, and water.

Moonstones support and attune the 4th Chakra or the "Heart" center.


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