Devi Mala
Devi Mala
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Devi Mala


The Devi Mala features 108 beads hand knotted with dark red or cream thread. The smooth Tibetan Turquoise beads pair beautifully with the textured Rudraksha Seeds. Did you know the smaller the Rudraksha, the more special (and expensive) they are considered to be? Let this mala bring you protection and grounding through the gems and your intention.

Harmony's Devi Mala measures 31" in length, with an additional 3.5" tassel. It was hand knotted in either dark red thread or a pinkish cream thread.

Mala Necklaces are traditionally used for meditation and prayer all over Asia, distinguished with 108 beads around a centering "Guru" bead, and a tassel. Harmony's Malas are made with Rudraksha Seeds and high quality gemstones which are individually hand-knotted. The Buddha was said to have been sitting under a Rudraksha tree when he reached "awakening", thus making them seeds of enlightenment. Harmony's Malas are intended for you to use in mindfulness practice of meditation, visualization, prayer and positive thinking. You may count your breaths and count your blessings wearing these Malas alone or with other necklaces for a spirited and beautiful look!

"I (Devi) have created all worlds at my will, without being urged by any higher being, and I dwell within them.
I permeate the earth and heaven, all created entities with my greatness, and dwell in them as eternal and infinite consciousness."

— Devi Sukta, Rigveda 10.125.8, Translated by June McDaniel

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