Star Priestess Necklace
Star Priestess Necklace
Star Priestess Necklace
Long Length Leather Necklace
Star Priestess Necklace
Star Priestess Necklace
Gold Vermeil

Star Priestess Necklace


The Star Priestess is a power piece, both in fashion and as an energetic compliment. This adjustable leather necklace shines with bohemian chic style and 8 baroque Tahitian Pearls. In the center, a large natural Quartz Crystal balances the dark with light. The cluster below is magical. Offering clarity, grounding, and protective influence are Herkimer Diamonds, natural Quartz Crystals, mother of pearl and a clear Quartz Talon. The lightness is balanced with lustrous grey-black Tahitian pearls, Labradorite, and Tourmalinated Smoky Quartz.

The Star Priestess Necklace measures 36” in length with a 3” cluster in the center. This very limited edition necklace was handmade in sterling silver and gold vermeil, as well as tan leather and chocolate leather. The tan leather wears to a beautiful warm brown patina.

This necklace can be worn at any length, and is clasped by tying a simple overhand knot (loop, pull through). We don't recommend wearing leather when it is wet, as its natural tendency is to stretch (like your shoes in the river).

The Priestess Collection is designed to inspire a deeper connection with your soul’s calling, to support your sense of self-empowerment, to raise your vibration and expression of authentic style, and to protect and purify. Wear the designs in this powerful collection to inspire, to support, to amplify, and to magnify your life path.

Herkimer Diamonds amplify the wearer’s spiritual energy, and their unique double-terminated crystalline structure serve to both transmit and receive focused Universal Life Force for healing, meditation, and the challenges of daily life.

Quartz Crystals in their natural form are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Believed by the Ancient’s to be alive and an incarnation of the Divine, these gems are naturally programmed to help open the mind and heart to higher guidance of wisdom and Spirit. They are natural amplifiers and help manifest healing and spiritual growth as they support the wearer’s highest intention and goals.

Pyrite harnesses the fire energy of the earth’s core and the sun’s radiance, enhancing one’s assertive abilities and potential through confident action, vitality, and will power. Pyrite also serves as a powerful defensive shield to negative energies, environmental pollution, and emotional disruption allowing the wearer to perceive what is real and essential in each moment.

Tahitian Pearls are some of the most rare and valued pearls in the world. Pearls come from the element of water, and as such are purifiers of the body and emotions. Pearls help amplify the energy of the gemstones they are worn with by purifying and enhancing their healing properties. In mythology, Black Pearls are associated with wealth, prosperity, and good luck.

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