Green River, Utah Inspired

Summer is a vibrant and fleeting season! While we've had a Summer like no other, we are still counting our blessings. Claire and Crystal spend the solstice weekend rafting on the Green River in Utah. The red cliffs are an amazing contrast to the clear, deep river, made green by the healthy habitat of plants and fish living in its waters. To be in the middle of a desert that opens into a lush oasis of life is a spectacular sight, and to come out of isolation at home to be isolated in nature was a wonderful gift. 

 Desert Cactus Green River, Utah River Trip

Enjoy this collection of jewelry inspired by the landscape and mood of this adventure. Gems that reminded us of the landscape: Red Creek Jasper, the greens of Gaia (the personification of Earth), the  clarity of Peridot (August's Birthstone!), with a few vibrant accents to reflect the pinks of the blooming desert cacti.

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