Honoring Your Desires for Valentine's Day

Honoring Your Desires for Valentine's Day

February is all about the journey of love~ of getting clear of how you desire to give love to yourself, to share love with those dear to you, and how you like to receive love.

Every day is marked with acts of love. Take jewelry, for instance: when we put on a necklace, we wear it over our heart, offering support through the power of gemstones and attention. We are framing ourselves, and bringing honor to this sacred body. When we offer a gift of love, it's from that same place. Even if we aren't always conscious of that action, that is what it is-- honoring, adorning and framing the beauty in you. 

And then there are the men and women in our lives who stand vulnerable in loving you... Who want to give you your greatest desires, but need to know just what they are. One of the acts of loving yourself is to share with those close to you the ways that you love to receive love. If it's through jewelry, then keep reading : ) 

To celebrate the acts of giving and receiving love, we encourage you to call in your desire by making a Wish List of the pieces that most speak to you. We hope you can come into the shop (and spin the wheel for a deal up to 20% off your Wish List). This special little gift can be used through Valentine's Day by you or your Sweetie.

If you are not able to come into the shop, just email your Wish List to  (item code, metal, and length are very helpful!), and we will add your Wish List to your Loyalty Profile. Just let that special someone know what you desire for Valentine's Day is at Harmony Scott Jewelry in Carbondale!

The Shadow's Gift Mini Workshop

The Shadow's Gift Mini Workshop

How Our Challenges Offer Doorways into Healing and Wholeness

DATE: Tuesday, August 21, 6 to 8PM

Location: 199 Main Street, Carbondale, CO 81623

RSVP & Questions: (970) 963-7190 or

The shadow as a gift...

Join Harmony Tuesday Aug. 21st from 6-8 pm to explore the Shadow Self and discover its powerful transformative gift in our lives!

The shadow is the lost or disowned parts of ourself- it is usually shut down or disconnected from our conscious awareness in childhood in our family of origin, from society and religion, or trauma. Operating unseen in our lives, this essential yet hidden aspect of ourself will create drama and chaos, attract judgment and criticism, and act as a strong disruptive trigger in our relationships and work life.

The more we repress the shadow, the more they burst out in uncontrollable ways. Feelings of shame, disgust, unworthiness, insecurity or aggrandizement, depression, and rage are often aspects of our shadow selves. We can learn how to empower ourselves through making these pieces conscious and!

Harmony will lead the class in learning how to identify and offer ways to  reclaim and integrate these shadow parts. Together we will explore the shadow aspects with a brief talk, some effective tools including breath work, simple movement and meditation, journaling and partner exercises. Together we will discover how the shadow is actually a gift that can help us become more effective, whole, joyful, creative, and powerful in our lives. 

This class is free by donation. Please RSVP as space is limited and arrive early as we will start promptly on time at 6. Bring a yoga mat, a journal, and comfortable clothing. 199 Main St, Carbondale, CO or 970-963-7190.



Learn More About Self-Love, Sex, Relationship Coaching by Harmony Scott here, and join the private Sensual Soul Coaching with Harmony Scott Facebook Group

Harmony Scott is known for her 20 year career adorning women and celebrating their unique beauty through her jewelry design. Now she is following her lifelong passion for self-inquiry and spiritual authenticity to dive deeper and support her clients on all levels as a Transformative Coach with a focus on Self-Love, Sexuality, and Relationship. 

Her approach is grounded through years of training in the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoism infused with embodiment practices of Martial Arts, Shamanic and Mystical Dance and Meditation with a modern understanding of brain science, neuropsychology, trauma healing, cutting-edge relationship theory and therapeutic practices.

Harmony Scott Coach

August 7 Workshop: Exploring Modern Relationships

August 7 Workshop: Exploring Modern Relationships

Are you confused with your love relationships? Do you wonder HOW the same frustrating patterns keep turning up? Do you wish you could understand WHY you are attracted to certain people? Do you want to know how to make your relationship healthier,  sexier, and more long-lasting ? Join Harmony Scott on Tuesday, Aug. 7th from 6-8 pm to explore these themes and more! Read more