Pop Up! Chocolate Tasting with Pollinator Chocolate

Pop Up! Chocolate Tasting with Pollinator Chocolate

Pop Up with Pollinator Chocolate
Saturday, December 21
from Noon to 3PM
at Harmony Scott Jewelry Design

You are invited to a sweet afternoon of chocolate tasting and gift shopping at Harmony Scott Jewelry Design! In addition to our sparkling gems, Mark Burrows of Pollinator Chocolates will be offering tastings of his handmade, local chocolates from Noon to 3PM! 
Mark Burrows has turned from IT to cacao and is soon to open his chocolate company: Pollinator Chocolates. The name comes from Burrows’ other passion, beekeeping. Burrows says craft chocolate fits in well with his interest in sustainable agriculture because, “unlike the corporate giants, craft chocolate makers take care of the farmers.”

Burrows doesn’t quite remember when his fascination and addiction to good dark chocolate began, but has taken online courses in chocolate making and the business of chocolate, and is currently taking a course on chocolate tasting, of which he says facetiously, “as you can imagine, the homework is awful.”

Burrows researches where to get the best cacao beans, and now has sourced cacao from 12 different countries including São Tomé (a small island off the coast of Africa), Nicaragua, Peru, and Sierra Leone. “I do a lot of research as to where the beans are from, because that determines the type and duration of roasting,” according to Burrows.

After roasting the beans, he runs them through a cracking machine to remove the shell and grinds them with a melanger stone grinder. Once it gets to the right consistency—“a delicious smooth creamy texture like silk,” Burrows says — he tempers it and pours it into molds.

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