Lead with Love

Lead with Love in Aspen is a transformational experience into the HEART of leadership, inspiring creatives, strategists, and visionaries to lead with compassion, kindness, intentionality and reciprocity in every aspect of their lives. Lead With Love is the global gathering and training ground for the leaders of our time, and we are so thrilled to be participating in the marketplace, as well as attending events!

Accessing your highest human potential takes work, and what better way to learn than from world-renowned presenters who are masters of their craft and leave more inspired than ever to lead.

Harmony Scott Jewelry will be in the marketplace of the event Thursday to Sunday! Meet Harmony (or catch up!), as well as Crystal or Claire. The marketplace is open to the public Thursday, October 26th, until 8PM! No pass required!

Lead with Love Marketplace from Harmony Scott on Vimeo.


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