Event: "Spring Clean Your Spirit" with Mikael Bergman, a Meditation Class

This is a special time of year. As winter retreats with each sunny day, we become aware of the coming of Spring. The spirit of growth and renewal inspires us to freshen up our home, improve our diet, clean and replenish our wardrobe... Yet what about the most important shift-- the one inside each of us?

If our lives could be seen as a garden, then Spring is an important time to ready the soil for planting the seeds of our intentions and how we experience each day.  With the inspiration of Spring to guide us, we invite you to join us Sunday, March 13th from 3-5 pm for a special transformational class at Harmony Scott in Carbondale for this incredible FREE event:

"Spring Clean your Spirit" with teacher Mikael Bergman from Sweden

  • Learn about creating a simple meditation and Morning Practice
  • Identify and clean out resistance and mind blocks that keep us stuck in old patterns
  • Explore the masculine & feminine energies within to create a personalized practice 

Prepare your “Inner Garden” of mind/body/spirit this spring!

Join Harmony Scott as she welcomes back transformational coach and speaker Mikael Bergman to Carbondale. In this free class*, Mikael will share simple meditation techniques and how to create a personalized morning practice that will support and ground you each day. Learn to recognize and effectively “lighten up” the inner resistance that arises when we attempt to take positive action in our life.  We will also be exploring the power of masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and how to create inner balance to be grounded, effective, and “turned on” in our lives without burning out. Will we see you there?

Date: March 13th
Time: 3 to 5 pm
Location: 199 Main Street, Carbondale
RSVP by calling 970.963.7190 or email

*If you would love to see more community events at Harmony Scott Jewelry Design, please bring a suggested donation of $10 to help cover the costs of the event and contribute to the positive cycle of change we are excited to share!

About Mikael Bergman

Mikael Bergman has been coaching and motivating people for 20 years, and teaching around the world in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. He is a grounded and practical motivator, a kind listener, and a speaker that offers ideas in a fun and loving way- there is a lot of laughter in his classes! He helps individuals find their inner gift, face their fears and guide people to see the gifts already in their life to create more fuel for growth. Mikael has led retreats and taught meditation to government and large corporations, professional athletes and yogis. He has developed many ways to open doors to the wisdom of meditation, and body centered spirituality in a way that everyone can understand.
Contact Mikael directly for private consultation or coaching at

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