Inspirational Class at Harmony Scott

Inspirational Class at Harmony Scott

Bergman Coaching Meditation

Where Will YOU be in 2016-- Will you choose to live in Fear or Love?

Join us at Harmony Scott Jewelry this Sunday, January 10th from 3-5pm for a special FREE class to inspire and illuminate your New Year. We welcome Mikael Bergman, a teacher and transformational coach from Sweden, as he shares tools and insights to use in your daily life. 


Topics Mikael Will Share:

  • Easy Meditation & Visualization techniques anyone can use
  • Programming and Deprogramming- how to change your mental hard drive
  • Love & Fear
  • Masculine & Feminine balance in each human
  • The Now
  • Mind * Body * Spirit = the "Three Rings of Joy"
  • Chakras- the energy scale in the body
  • Joy & Happiness

What will you receive from this class?

  • A deeper understanding of the topics above
  • How to use these ideas in a grounded way with presence and awareness
  • A tool box to use in your regular daily life to access more joy and fun in The Now

This is a class for everyone from teens to adults- Free by donation! Join us at Harmony Scott Jewelry Design on January 10th 3-5pm, at 199 Main Street.  Please RSVP as we have limited space.  

Mikael BergmanMikael Bergman has been coaching and motivating people for 20 years, and teaching around the world in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.  He is a grounded and practical motivator, a kind listener, and a speaker that offers ideas in a fun and loving way- there is a lot of laughter in his classes! He helps individuals find their inner gift, face their fears and guide people to see the gifts already in their life to create more fuel for growth.  Mikael has led retreats and taught meditation to government and large corporations, professional athletes and yogis.  He has developed many ways to open doors to the wisdom of meditation, and body centered spirituality in a way that everyone can understand. 

Contact Mikael directly for private consultation or coaching at

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