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Together, a Wild Heart

Together, a Wild Heart

We call this the Wild Heart look -- a combination of the Wildflower Collection and the Blooming Heart Collection. 💜 Because of the green and pink (and some blue!) coloring of Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Peridot, and Prehnite all look amazing with these colors! 

The earrings Natalie is wearing are a pair of simple hoops, and we slid the Wildflower Cluster Pendant onto them! You can do this with ALL of our pendants! The necklace is our handmade chain with a simple Rose Quartz briolette pendant (that could also be worn as an earring!). 🌸

So, you can swap out your look and change it up! Great option for traveling, hiking through the wildflowers, or simple fashion with options. 💜

Find all of these beauties here in our Wild Flower Collection

Wild Heart Collection Image

Wildflower Cluster Pendant

Rose Quartz Pendant
Wild Heart Mala & Wild Heart Cluster Earrings

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