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Jewelry Care: what belongs in the box

Jewelry Care: what belongs in the box

Best Storage: Protect your jewelry! One of the practical reasons all of our jewelry comes in a closed silk pouch is to protect it. Yes, from scratches, but mostly from the air! Keep your jewelry in a pouch or little plastic bags. For BEST results, add a little clean piece of cardboard to absorb any tarnishing elements that may be in the air (that is why we have a card insert in our pouches!). 

"I found a necklace hidden at the bottom of my jewelry box, that I haven't worn in years that I completely had forgotten about. Now I wear it all the time. Seeing what I own makes a it easier for me. Does all of my jewelry need to stay in my jewelry box?"

It all depends on the jewelry and atmosphere of your house. Tarnished metals are the first consideration. Many people keep their jewelry in the bathroom and humidity will tarnish silver quickly, so we recommend keeping your jewelry out of the bathroom. If you live in a humid environment, the best way to keep your jewelry sparkling, is to store it in a plastic bag or jewelry box with a piece of cardboard to absorb extra moisture. Second consideration is the sunlight. Some gemstones are softer than others, such as pearls and turquoise, and do not tolerate much sunlight. If you would like an open display we suggest you keep it out of the sunlight, on a darker wall, or jewelry case behind the door. Thirdly, consider the jewelry design materials. If the design has leather or cord stringing materials, we suggest you lay the necklace down instead of hanging it so it doesn't stretch out over time, making the beads loose to slide around and cause extra wear. 

We personally love being able to see each and every one of our necklaces and earrings. They are always at hand to switch out as our style transforms with the season's change. This also sparks inspiration to layer because you can see them in all one area, however, depending on the piece we are particular about where that display hangs, and some of the more delicate pieces, we place lying down in our jewelry box. Crystal likes to use a tackle box with individual slots, Holly likes to hang her pieces on a board, Harmony rolls her jewelry up in a soft case and Claire uses a combination of all these ideas. 



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