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How to Create an Inspired Holiday Mindset!

How to Create an Inspired Holiday Mindset!

Here is a simple mindset practice that can help you shift you mood or energy. This practice is GREAT to do daily, or weekly!⁠

What you will need:⁠
~a journal, your phone voice memos or a friend to share with.⁠
~ 5-10 minutes of quiet, undisturbed⁠
extras* light a candle, burn some sage, have a cup of tea, anything that gets you into a receptive and focused mood.⁠

1. Decide if you will be journaling, recording your answers or talking to a friend⁠

2. Take a moment to get centered with a few breaths⁠

3. Celebrate: Write 5+ things you are celebrating right now "I celebrate...." choose small to big things. If this is difficult, it's a good sign that you need to celebrate more! Saying this out loud or dancing around can make the celebration even juicier! I invite you to start celebrating everyday.⁠

4. Clearing: Write 3 things you want to clear- things that you are ready to let go of, clear out of your life, troubles, patterns or challenges that you are ready to move on from. "I clear...." this can also be whatever bubbles up and feels alive and ready to cleanse out of you life! If you want to take this further, you can write the clearings on a sheet of paper and burn them to symbolize that these are now moving out of your life.⁠

5. Desire: Write 5 things you deeply deeply Desire! "I desire...." this can be things you want to feel or experience during the holidays, goals you have for the future, dreams or visions you may want to create. I invite you to really savor these desires. Notice how they feel in your body! Bring a big smile to your face as you repeat them out loud!⁠

6. Notice how you feel now that you explored your Celebrations, Clearings & Desires. If your desires feel "impossible", ask yourself "What is one small step I can take in that direction that feels possible today?"⁠
Extras* if you want to go further you can record your Desires and listen to them or make a vision board of your desires. I invite you to choose a friend or family member and share your celebrations, clearings & desires daily!⁠

Enjoy! We hope this helps you get into a more Inspired Holiday Mindset,⁠

xoxox Harmony, Crystal, Claire & Holly


Feb 08, 2021

Great Blog! I love this post and found it very amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Dec 08, 2020

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Lisa Paden

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