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Honoring Your Desires for Valentine's Day

Honoring Your Desires for Valentine's Day

February is all about the journey of love~ of getting clear of how you desire to give love to yourself, to share love with those dear to you, and how you like to receive love.

Every day is marked with acts of love. Take jewelry, for instance: when we put on a necklace, we wear it over our heart, offering support through the power of gemstones and attention. We are framing ourselves, and bringing honor to this sacred body. When we offer a gift of love, it's from that same place. Even if we aren't always conscious of that action, that is what it is-- honoring, adorning and framing the beauty in you. 

And then there are the men and women in our lives who stand vulnerable in loving you... Who want to give you your greatest desires, but need to know just what they are. One of the acts of loving yourself is to share with those close to you the ways that you love to receive love. If it's through jewelry, then keep reading : ) 

To celebrate the acts of giving and receiving love, we encourage you to call in your desire by making a Wish List of the pieces that most speak to you. We hope you can come into the shop (and spin the wheel for a deal up to 20% off your Wish List). This special little gift can be used through Valentine's Day by you or your Sweetie.

If you are not able to come into the shop, just email your Wish List to  (item code, metal, and length are very helpful!), and we will add your Wish List to your Loyalty Profile. Just let that special someone know what you desire for Valentine's Day is at Harmony Scott Jewelry in Carbondale!

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