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Meet Aisha, our brave Mountain Gem who takes Harmony Scott Jewelry on incredible adventures through the mountains and on tour as she travels with No Man's Land, an all-female adventure film festival born from Aisha's hard work and desire to highlight and connect with women in pursuit of the radical. 

Aisha is based out of Carbondale, Colorado--where we met this mountain goat. A typical day with Aisha might have you Her days are full of long runs and steep descents, incorrect plant identification, dancing atop mountain summits, followed by trumpet jam sessions, Ayurvedic cooking, and bunk beds. What does she bring along on all of her adventures? Harmony Scott Jewelry. Aisha Weinhold wearing Kalani Earring in the backcountry

As Aisha tells us:
Rule #1: Look Good; and Rule #2: Ski Better.

Aisha was inspired by uphill racing, and this year became one half of the "fastest couple in the USA" when she and her husband won the 2017 US National Championships of ski racing. Aisha is also the third fastest woman in the United States, after competing in Santa Fe, although Aisha wouldn't tell you so. "To claim that title would be a disrespect to the ladies who have put incredible amounts of time and energy into preparing for these events. However... I am super proud of my performance and had a great time."

Sea-born and mountain-bred, Aisha has been blessed with a life of sand-filled eyes, bruised knees, frost-bitten toes, perpetual bathing suit tan lines, and nails too short to paint. Her baby--the No Man's Land Film Festival-- is redefining femininity in adventure and sport through film.

We hope you're inspired, ladies! Next time you head on an adventure, don't forget gemstones as part of your gear. Shop Aisha's Collection Here

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