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Mala :: Set Your Intention

Jewelry is more than just an adornment...
It is the manifestation of our style and inner beauty
We had a photo shoot with Margie Woods in the beautiful nature of Aspen
The intention: express each of our styles genuinely and freely to share with you.
We each created our outfit and jewelry picks, pulling from our personal collections.
When it all came together, we realized how much Malas mean to us. 

First, what is a Mala?
Traditional Buddhist prayer beads used to count breaths and blessings
While keeping the head clear of numbers and counting. 
They are necklaces (and bracelets) of purpose
Used as a reminder and collector of our set intention.

Whether serving as a reminder to breathe deeply,
To take a moment (or 108) for yourself, 
To support your heart center with a loving intention,
Or bring consciousness to communication,
positive grounding energy for balance in transition,
A Mala is the perfect place to set your intention and let it build.

You may count your breaths and count your blessings
 for a spirited and beautiful look!

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