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Artist Inspiration :: Hanalei Collection

Artist Inspiration :: Hanalei Collection

Artist Inspiration

I grew up by Hanalei Bay, Kauai. I know, lucky!

I remember idolizing the older surfer girls with their golden skin, hair salty from the blue ocean, a tropical sarong over sexy bikinis. Surfing in the early morning with a salty elegant transition from beach to the rest of the day.

Hanalei Collection featuring white, pink and silver freshwater pearls knotted on leather. Pictured worn long, as well as the short doubled lariat.

When I created the Hanalei Collection, the natural glamour of that surfer girl inspired me. I intended this to be for the women of Hanalei, with elements of sea and land, exotic baroque freshwater pearls and leather, and to be easy-breezy-wearable and casually luxurious. I intended to make her feel at home in herself and supremely confident in her earthly beauty. Far from being Grandma’s pearls, I wanted this look to enable her to go from beach to work to a night out with a few simple items in her beach bag, the Hanalei pieces included. This necklace is her perfect go-to accessory, reflecting her (and your) effortless style.

Aloha, baby!



Style Tips: Play with this piece and discover all the amazing ways to wear it. Finished with a toggle clasp, this necklace can be clasped lariat-style between any of the pearls, making the options endless! The bold design looks fabulous with bold colors, but we also love it worn...soft, with flowy linens or colorful pastels. 

Get creative! We love pairing previous collections with the latest style. The Shanti Long Lariat with Shanti Cuff are layered with the At Ease Pendant and Earrings in Chocolate Brown Leather, and we can totally see any of these elements with the new Hanalei pieces. 

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