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Ifirmly believe that jewelry makes an outfit. I have my staple clothes that fit well and stand up to the tests of Colorado life, but I apply my style and self expression through my jewelry. As a lover of color, Harmony’s Cosmic Girl Collection is my all-time favorite (read her artist muse here), followed by the Starseed & Galaxy Collection of Labradorite & Pyrite, and now… the Grace Collection.
With a June birthday, pearls were always my birthstone option, and as a colorful girl, I was not pleased. I thought of perfectly-round-they-are-probably-fake pearls, I thought of Wilma of the Flintstones, I thought I should have been born a different month. Grandmother’s pearls? No, she is a lover of Turquoise. But when Harmony introduced me to the Grace Collection, with its Keishi Pearls and Moonstone, Lariat necklace and Trapeze Earrings, and many ways to pair them together, I fell in love.

When we released the new jewelry for May’s First Friday, I debuted the Grace Collection wearing white pants and a grey tank top. Ladies were dressing me up and using me as the mannequin to play with their different styling ideas.

"Try it as a bracelet! this!"

"Oooh, you could wear it as a belt!"!

"Tie it like a scarf!"

"A scarf?"

...She presumes to fold the necklace in half, and pull the two tails thrown the midway point. Oh! like a scarf. Love it!


The next day, I was leaving for the 95 degree weather and big waves at Playa Colorado in Nicaragua. With 10 days at the beach with 10 of my friends, I considered bringing 10 (jewelry) outfits. Yes, outfits. Armed with an orange and bright pink bathing suit, a few sun dresses and shorts, the big question came: what jewelry do I bring? Armed with the ideas shared from the ladies at First Friday, I decided not to pack ANY jewelry, and to just wear three pieces for the trip—the Grace Lariat, the Grace Simple Necklace and Grace Trapeze Earrings. I took these surfing, horseback riding, pool swimming, jungle adventuring, golfing, and even to a game of futbol. The simple ease and elegance, combined with the playful creativity, overrode my indifference towards pearls, and I felt like I had 10 sets of jewelry with me.


How do you wear the Grace Collection? Share you inspirations with us by emailing, commenting on the blog, or tagging us on social media with #wearingharmony. Look forward to being inspired by you!


Written by Claire de L'Arbre

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