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Artist Inspiration: Anjali & Cosmic Girl

Artist Inspiration: Anjali & Cosmic Girl

Signature Gemstones: Tibetan Turquoise, Orange and Red Carnelian, purple Amethyst, white Freshwater Pearls, green Peridot and golden Citrine. 

I have been playing with this combination of colorful gemstones for years now...each season I am excited to "add" to this very special collection. Anjali means "divine offering" and "Cosmic Girl" is my personal muse: a woman who is comfortable in her femininity, spiritual nature, intelligence, and joyful in her expression to the world!   

My intention behind these pieces is to create an exciting, vibrant color palette that also supports us energetically and emotionally.  Grounding and protective Turquoise, energizing orange Carnelian, golden Citrine supports our self-esteem and courage, green Peridot as a symbol of growth and renewal, royal Amethyst to stimulate our higher consciousness, and white Freshwater pearls to represent purity and balance...together they are spectacular and powerful...not to mention beautiful!

Cosmic Girl Collection Look Book 


2014 Cosmic Girl Look Book


2014 Anjali Look Book



These fun bright colors are great for showing off your creativity and feminine power. Of course, wear them with your simple neutrals, but we challenge you to get more creative and expand your color combinations. We love to take these colors as inspiration for the rest of the outfit to completely embody the look of Cosmic Girl or spend the day as a Divine Offering. See the entire Anjali and Cosmic Girl Collection here. 

Simple Summer Look: Your favorite white outfit with leather accessories or additions of color. Pick up one of the colors with a hair clip (or wear it loose), your favorite dark brown leather belt, strapy leather sandals, and as many bracelets as you dream about. 


Color in Winter: Match the leather with your accessories--in the Winter we're wearing our leather Frye Boots and thick leather belt with a neutral boot pant. You can also skip the belt and layer a long tank top under a sweater or shirt. Top it off with a vintage leather purse and let the jewelry do the rest. 


We would love to see how you wear your pieces! Tag us on instagram @harmonyscottjewelry and let us know how you wear your #harmonyjewelry. Not on instagram? Email us or find us on Facebook or Pinterest. 

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