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Dear Wrinkles & White Hair: Beautify Your Inner Dialogue

Dear Wrinkles & White Hair: Beautify Your Inner Dialogue

Dear Wrinkles & White Hair,

How deeply you have lived and nourished my life! Your stunning beauty is unparalleled. Have I told you today how much I love you? Eyelids like rose petals, so elegant with your softness, I am grateful for you. Love grows only in love, and together, our grace cultivates growth. I’m so happy to share this life with you as we paint a ripple effect of love and beauty. The ride is in the journey.


Your Soulful Beauty


SnowflakesWhat conversations are you having with yourself on a daily basis?

Tone in love is everything, yet the conversation with our beauty, our true essence, tends to fall in the harsh light of criticism. The result? We tone it down, dial it back, and feel nervous about how others may see our faults or unmatched fashion choices. We can’t blame ourselves-- The dialogue begins in our childhood when we see the most beautiful people make critical comments of their grey, their wrinkles, and their weight. We learn to see that even the most remarkable humans in our lives self-criticize.

Look in the MirrorAs women, and humans, we have the uncanny ability to be the ultimate adaptors. Yet when it comes to our own selves, we stare at the blank canvas and get lost in excuses of why we shouldn’t paint those pictures of self-expression! 

Bring your attention to this aspect for a movement so large our eyes expand into visions of love and the next time your inner child emerges, support her, and allow for the self-talk to be lovely! We never stop growing, an incredible reminder that we are all children at heart, and love is not only our true essence and a universal language, but it is classy, it is fashionable; your smile goes with any color, any shape, any fabric print. Feel free to express, break the barriers of confinement and fear the media has created and stir your inner self; ignite intentional creation in your world, the art of yourself, and play with beauty as a vessel of love.

Expand into your most authentic expression of self, there is nothing more beautiful than which you already are! How well do you know her?

Look in the mirror say to your delicate face , ‘beautiful eye lids which protect my eye sight, you are like rose petals, so elegant with your softness, I am grateful for you’. Love only grows in love, and so the journey begins.


Dance with Duality,
Unfurl; inward and outward spirals
of expansion and contraction and
We Can Break
the formed sense of being

Are you up for a challenge? Create rituals of self-love to practice daily, to use as reminders of your worth and beauty. Our days are full of multitudes of opportunity to practice, don’t accept excuses not to. We tend to know what kind of love we need, and I encourage you to create your own practice. As always, the art is in the intention.

1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for daily in the morning, this can start your day with gratitude.

2. Look in the mirror for 2 minutes when you’re feeling extra courageous and tell yourself how beautiful you are in the image of love.

3. Give someone a genuine compliment on any aspect of their true nature. Their smile, the way they put together their outfit, is like art, their laugh that made you smile, with just the sense of sound.

The first step to create style and authenticity and squash these excuses we are so good at creating is self-love. E.E. Cummins said, ‘the hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else’. It blows my mind the amount of energy that is dumped into beauty and clothing products that are marketed around covering up and changing you. Why not create focus around true beauty and put money back into strength instead of low self-esteem. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy individual. Begin the Harmony within, heal your mind, your thoughts, you heart and grow in love to express.


‘the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any” – alice walker


Sep 12, 2017

Thank you for those thoughts. They are beautiful and all women should embrace this!

Feb 08, 2017

Hear ~ Hear for the personal power.**
Thank you Harmony for including the Bali life experience in this presentation.
Love, Marilyn


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