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Coordinate the Basics to Make Room for Creative Play

Coordinate the Basics to Make Room for Creative Play

I can get ready quickly in the morning. No, I am not a morning person, but I have my getting-dressed-routine down. When it comes to fashion, my clothes are simple, my shoes, bags, and belt (when pants are involved), are matching leather, and my jewelry is the sass and color that pops my outfits.

I tend to have well-coordinating "essentials" to spare 20 minutes of agonizing if my shoes match my outfit (which used to be a daily thing). This set of jewelry, boots, and bag is one of my go-tos. I had a little photo shoot with them on my Anthropologie bed spread to show all the different colors that work with these basics-- from bright spring colors to the rich, deep colors of Winter. 

This leather purse is my true every-day accessory. Handmade in it's entirety from genuine leather, this gift from my sister has been by my side for the last six years. She got this handmade beauty in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I have used it nearly every day--rain, shine, snow, or sleet. I love that it matches not only these Frye Pumps, but my Frye Harness Boots, leather summer sandals, and Veronica Slouch boots-- all different hues of dark brown.

The shoes are Frye's --my favorite Made in USA leather shoe company-- and were a splurge at 20% off at Boogies in Aspen. I don't wear these as often as others, but when I do, I feel like a Bad Ass Rock Star or Bohemian Babe, and I love the color and classic style.

I love to wear them with chocolate leather jewelry, and I especially love this Shanti Leather Necklace with these shoes. There is something about white and leather that is clean, elegant, yet modern bohemian. I think of the pendant as a dream catcher that catches bad day-dreams, and I love that the white stone is Howlite, or white Turquoise. 

My rule of thumb is to match your basics, and have those basics match you. When your shoes, bag, belt and hair get along, the space in between them can be more colorful, patterned, or bold ...without looking like I got dressed in the dark!

May this concept make your mornings more simple, and your choices more confident! As the weather turns warmer, I'll be sure to share my tan leather sets with you. 

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