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Top Tips for Layering and Gifting Bracelets

Top Tips for Layering and Gifting Bracelets

Bracelets are an amazing way to accessorize. We love using them to draw the eye down through your whole look-- they are the transition pieces! Top tips to rock bracelets Harmony Scott Style

1. Stack your neutral colored bracelets for year-round wear. The Copper Canyon Wrap BraceletDark Desire BraceletShanti Leather Cuff, and Galaxy Multi Strand work their magic.

2. Use bracelets to transition your outfit. Tie colors together and incorporate materials (like leather). Here, we stacked all of our Turquoise bracelets together, with a few white pearls to compliment the white dress. 

Layers of colorful jewelry pop an outfit


 3. Leather bracelets and jewelry are the perfect accent to leather belts, shoes, bags, etc. 

4. With two bracelets, you can clasp them together and wear as a choker one day, and double-wrapped bracelets the next day. The shortest necklace in Kendra's layers are actually two of the Hanalei Bracelets in black leather clasped together as a choker. 

Two bracelets can be worn as a necklace

5. Do you wear a lot of black? Tan or chocolate brown leather looks amazing with black! Use a belt that is close in color to your leather jewelry for a fashion-forward look. You can use colorful gems and jewelry to pop a neutral outfit

Leather jewelry is elegant and complimentary

6. When your outfit is classic and simple, put in some diamond studs or fabulous earrings, and a simple bracelet.

7. Mix and match your bracelet styles to reflect YOUR personal style! You can mix your favorite Harmony Scott bracelets with your classic favorites. For example, add your silver or gold bangles to the bright Devi (Turquoise) Bracelet, or wrap a necklace a few times around for a layered bracelet look

Mix your favorite bracelets of different styles for a unique look

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Artist Inspiration: Priestess Collection

Artist Inspiration: Priestess Collection

Medicine Woman Necklace, Priestess Collection

The Priestess Collection is designed to inspire a deeper connection with your soul’s calling, to support your sense of self-empowerment, to raise your vibration and expression of authentic style, and to protect and purify. Wear the designs in this powerful collection to inspire, to support, to amplify, and to magnify your life path.
Herkimer Diamonds and Natural Quartz Crystals
Herkimer Diamonds amplify the wearer’s spiritual energy, and their unique double-terminated crystalline structure serve to both transmit and receive focused Universal Life Force for healing, meditation, and the challenges of daily life.

Quartz Crystals in their natural form are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Believed by the Ancient’s to be alive and an incarnation of the Divine, these gems are naturally programmed to help open the mind and heart to higher guidance of wisdom and Spirit. They are natural amplifiers and help manifest healing and spiritual growth as they support the wearer’s highest intention and goals.

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Meet Aisha, our brave Mountain Gem who takes Harmony Scott Jewelry on incredible adventures through the mountains and on tour as she travels with No Man's Land, an all-female adventure film festival born from Aisha's hard work and desire to highlight and connect with women in pursuit of the radical.Read more