In the Press


After 2.5 months of closure, we are re-opening with a fresh look and expanded vision: Harmony Scott Creative Collective, a community hub for artisan jewelry, hand crafts, and unique home style!  Over 21-years we have evolved from focusing on the handmade jewelry of Harmony, to now include a collection of artisans whose creative work reflects the depth of spirit and exquisite craftsmanship we know will speak to the hearts of our clients.  

Our intention has always been more than selling products. We are building on what we do best by providing even more reasons for you to visit our beautiful store! We invite our friends and heart-family who walk through our doors to take a moment, slow down, have a chat with Crystal or Holly, and enjoy the small things that bring pleasure: artisanal creations of beauty, function and daily enjoyment!  

From sparkling jewelry made in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond, to hand-stitched leather flasks to celebrate any occasion, to handblown and functional glass art and ceramics to adorn your kitchen and home, to beautiful potted plants, and much more, the unique vibration of these handmade goods is irresistible. We are thrilled to bring beauty, delight and warm elegance into your everyday life with our selection of artisan treasures!

It has been a challenging decision to re-open during this intense time.  We desire to survive and thrive as a longstanding member of the business and arts community, and continue to support 100’s of diverse local and national nonprofits. We can’t do that without your support! 

Together we can make a difference- We are pledging 10% of all proceeds in June to the NAACP. We are committed to ending race-based discrimination and ensure the civil rights, health and well-being of all people. We hope you will join us on our Grand Opening Month in June and help us celebrate beauty and make the change we want to see in the world! While we have always supported equity and diversity,  we are also learning, and want to hear if we can do better.

The health of our community is a priority, and rest assured, we are following strict safety standards to ensure the health and well-being of our customers and our staff. We ask you to wear a face covering in the shop, and we will do the same for you! Click here for our full health plan.

Sending you love,
Harmony, Crystal, Holly & Claire