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Spotted: Funky Accessorries in Couture Colorado


Accessories. A girls best friend and more over, my personal favorite add on to any outfit. Have you ever noticed how the simplest of outfits can come together with the add on of the perfect bag or necklace? Even the tried and true classic of jeans and tee shirt suddenly gets edgy when you add a piece of bad-ass jewelry to it. Lucky for me -and you!, the new COUTUREcolorado Boutique has an insane amount of local accessories to take your outfit from blah to wow with the click of a button!

Take advantage of all the great launch discounts going. Get them while they are hot, hot, hot!

Accessories- boutique


1. Herkimer Studs by Elaine B (20% off with promo code EBlaunch)

2. Zip Folio Grey Waxed Canvas Clutch from Winter Session (10% off with promo code WSlaunch)

3. Ruby Ombre Drop Earrings by Harmony Scott

4. Halo Headband by Nerida Mason (20% off with promo code  NMlaunch)

5. Chain Gange Two Tone Necklace by Mildred & Bernice (15% off with promo code MBlaunch)

6. Saddle Tote by Cibado

7. Affirmation Necklace by Swoon (20% off with promo code SwoonLaunch)

8. Claire Vivier Weekender from Willow (10% off with promo code Wlaunch)