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Announcing the Harmony Scott ReGem Program

Announcing the Harmony Scott ReGem Program

After 18 years of making limited edition jewelry, many of our customers have built quite the Harmony Scott Collection! We know you love(d) every piece, but we also know that our individual styles grow. Just as my designs have evolved over the years, we understand that so has your style. We also know every piece has a story, and sometimes we have moved past it (ex-boyfriend jewelry, anyone?). 

For years, we have been turning away perfectly beautiful Harmony Scott Jewelry brought in by women and men who no longer resonate with the piece.

We are happy to announce that will no longer be the case!

Welcome to the Harmony Scott ReGem Program! Our intention is to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to trade in gently worn Harmony Jewelry for credit towards new Harmony Jewelry. Update your personal Harmony collection and keep your style fresh, while at the same time offering others the opportunity to purchase vintage Harmony classic designs at a discounted price.

This is NOT a regular consignment program where you have to wait for your item to sell. We are doing it a few steps better. As soon as your jewelry has been accepted into the ReGem program, we issue you a credit that can be immediately used towards ANY Harmony Scott Jewelry in the store! Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s How it Works

The Basics:

Bring in your gently worn HSJD jewelry, if we accept your items for our ReGem program you will be given a jewelry credit that is worth 40% of the assessed value, HSJD keeps 60%. For example, if you bring in a necklace that we value at $100, you will immediately receive $40 in ReGem credit that you can use it for any Harmony jewelry that you love! Your ReGem credit is good for one year.

If, for whatever reason, you decide to decline our valuation of your jewelry, or we decide your jewelry is not a candidate for our ReGem Program you simply pick it up within 14 days of original drop-off.  

Please read and sign the following contract to be included in our ReGem Program. Thanks for helping us make this a success!

We love win-win ideas, don't you?


Love, Light and Aloha 

The Harmony Scott Team


 The Details:

  1. For your jewelry to be considered for the Harmony Scott Jewelry Design (HSJD) ReGem Program please keep in mind that we have the following requirements:
    • Jewelry must be a Harmony Scott Design, as determined by HSJD.
    • Jewelry must be in like-new to gently used condition.
    • Jewelry that needs minor repairs or alterations may be accepted per HSJD discretion. In such circumstances the customer credit will be for the “As Is” condition of jewelry before repairs or alterations, and any added value from repairing or altering the jewelry will be retained by HSJD upon sale of the item.
  2. Bring in your Harmony Jewelry to our gallery at 199 Main St. Carbondale Monday-Friday from 10am- 6pm.
    • An HSJD employee will take in the potential ReGem jewelry to be assessed.
    • At the time of drop off, HSJD will collect the contact information of customer (name, email address, phone), description & quantity of jewelry and date.
    • If customer is not in HSJD Loyalty Program, they must be added for sales tracking and ReGem credit redemption.
    • A photo of the jewelry will be documented and emailed or texted to customer
    • Both parties will sign this contract agreeing upon terms.
  3. VALUATION Process
  • HSJD has one week to evaluate and call the customer, during this time HSJD accepts liability of jewelry in our possession.
  • HSJD will assess all jewelry for excessive wear, damage or repairs before acceptance into ReGem. All jewelry that does not meet our standards will be returned to the customer *unless you prefer to have us donate/recycle
  • Jewelry accepted into the ReGem program will be valued based on vintage (year created), current condition, design type, and original value of the jewelry and will be fairly priced for resale accordingly. HSJD reserves the right to value the jewelry at any price we deem correct.
  • Customer will be contacted by phone or email with estimated retail price of jewelry determined by HSJD. Whereupon Customer may:
    • Approve: Customer will immediately receive 40% of retail value of approved jewelry in ReGem Credit on customer’s account. The ReGem credit may be applied toward any Harmony Scott Jewelry. Under NO Circumstances will cash or check be issued instead of ReGem credit. All credits will ONLY be issued under original Customer’s name.
    • Decline: Customer will have 14 days to pick up jewelry. If customer is not reached within 14 days of email and phone call attempts, all pieces dropped off will be donated or sold.
  • If consignee cannot be reached after 14 days by email/phone call, HSJD reserves the right to take the following action with jewelry in our possession:
  • If jewelry IS accepted into ReGem program customer will automatically receive 40% REGEM Credit for all pieces accepted into ReGem program, relinquishing the right to approve prices.
  • If jewelry is NOT accepted into ReGem program, and customer has not picked up jewelry or returned calls or emails within 14 days all items will be donated to a local non-profit organization (such as non-profit Thrift Store in Aspen or Basalt.)

Do you have any questions? Please call us at 970.963.7190 or email Crystal at