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Interview with Harmony Scott

Couture Colorado, Denver's Top rated blog, interviewed Harmony about how she got started, what inspired her, what is trending in fashion, and must-visit places in Aspen

When and why did you start your business?  How did you learn your craft?

As a child I was always entranced with handmade, beautiful things...I would draw fairy princesses in flowing gowns and draped in pearls and gemstones. It was in my blood! The rest is history...I gained my jewelry skills after college, when I was fortunate to apprentice for two years with a close family friend, Elaine Greenspan, in the ancient Etruscan art of gold granulation and jewelry fabrication. In 1998 I began making my jewelry from a rustic cabin on the top of Aspen Mountain.  Working by the light of lanterns and in full view of the majestic peaks around, I honed my style, explored and mastered my technique, and began establishing my loyal following at trunk shows, concerts, and local markets. I opened my shop in Aspen in 2001, and have been voted "Aspen's Favorite Jewelry Designer" by the local "Best of Aspen" awards every year since. By 2002 I had two galleries, one in Aspen and one in Carbondale and celebrated the launch of my first website.

Where did you grow up and how did you end up in Colorado?


I grew up between Kaua'i with my mother, and Aspen with my father surrounded by craft, art, design, and a unique bohemian lifestyle. I feel so blessed to have been raised in such beautiful, magical places!  I feel the natural riches of mountain and ocean are reflected in the vibrant colors and organic shapes in my designs.  I try to balance luxury with utility...I want my jewelry to be the piece a woman reaches for again and again  

What or who inspires you?

I am passionate about making the world more beautiful, connected, and joyful with each relationship built through the creation of my jewelry. I feel blessed to be surrounded and supported in this journey by so many wonderful people in my life. I believe that jewelry is an essential path to self-expression, and I feel great satisfaction in providing beautiful and special pieces that resonate with a woman's inner style and enhance her sense of self.


What is your current favorite fashion trend?

While I find "trends" entertaining, my jewelry is created to be essential and eternal, to enhance our quest for self-expression, our desire for beauty, and the transformative path we take through life. Right now I am most interested in connecting women with adornments that enhance this journey.  I have been diving into creating "Power Pieces" that support a woman's spiritual and emotional growth with meaningful gemstones and intentions in one-of-a-kind Amulet and Talisman necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. 

What is your favorite part about living in Aspen?

Here in Colorado, every day can be an adventure...and it truly is! I love the Aspen is a big little town.  We have the cultural amenities of a big city, but nature is paramount here, so the lifestyle is really varied and interesting.  We can hike up to a mountain lake in the morning, ski in the winter, catch a live concert at the Music Festival or peruse world class art, and finish things off with fine dining or live music out on the town with friends in the evening.  I design for a woman who is multifaceted and comfortable in many environments...and her style is expressive, authentic, and feminine- that to me is Aspen Style.   I am so grateful for the support I receive from this special town and our many visitors, which allows me to stay in my hometown of Aspen, because I truly love it here!