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This is Why Your Inner Child is Wrecking Your Life

This is Why Your Inner Child is Wrecking Your Life

Exploring the Relationship between Love, Finances and Your Inner Child

This is Why Your Inner Child is Wrecking Your Life is a community, donation-based mini-workshop on Saturday, April 7th from 5 to 6:30PM at Harmony Scott Jewelry Design at 199 Main Street in Carbondale. In this heart-opening class, Harmony will lead an exploration of the Inner Child and offer key tools and practices to recognize and redirect where we may be unconsciously allowing our Inner Little One to “run the show” and sabotage the power of our adult lives. 

All of us have an Inner Child. This is a part of our basic personality that will always need protection and may feel insecure, shy, needy or fearful. Our Inner Child is intimately connected to our Primal Brain- this part of our more ancient animalistic brain responds to potential or current threat with the famous “Fight, Flight, Freeze” response. This is a normal part of being human, but is extremely misunderstood and unappreciated in how much it affects our day-to-day behavior, reactions and choices.

“A healthy relationship with our Inner Child nourishes our basic need for safety and belonging. It is our own self-love, presence and acceptance that supports and heals this vulnerable part of ourselves," shares Harmony Scott.  "When we know how to care for our Inner Child we can enjoy deep experiences of wonder, playfulness, joy and exploration and connect with our deepest passions and relationships in a heartfelt way. We are more emotionally resilient and are able to spring back from negative situations and potential threats that may normally overwhelm or freeze us with indecision and fear.”

The big challenge with the Inner Child is that most of us repress, ignore, shame or deny this vulnerable part of ourselves, or expect and demand that others provide this support in order for us to feel safe, happy, and in control. Incredibly, many of us are actually allowing the Inner Child to direct our love lives, and other primary relationships as well as our relationship to money and finances.

We are unaware that we have mistakenly given our Inner Child the proverbial car keys and forced responsibility to run these central areas of our adult life where no child should need to be in charge. Would you allow a 5 year old to drive a car? Be in charge of your sex life? Be responsible for paying your bills and navigating your career choices or financial future? Many of us have no idea that this is exactly who is running the show in these key parts of our life. It is no wonder that so many of us are paralyzed with insecurity and feel blocked in these areas.  

Of the process Harmony shares, “Building a healthy and integrated relationship with our Inner Child gives us the ability to be incredibly brave and authentic in expressing our gifts, and live with a sense of humor and deep presence.”

Harmony is known for her 20 year career adorning women and celebrating their unique beauty through her jewelry design. Now she is following her lifelong passion for self-inquiry and spiritual authenticity to dive deeper and support her clients on all levels as a Transformative Coach with a focus on Love, Sex, and Relationship. Her approach is grounded through years of training in the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoism infused with embodiment practices of Martial Arts, Shamanic and Mystical Dance and Meditation with a modern understanding of brain science, neuropsychology, trauma healing, cutting-edge relationship theory and therapeutic practices.

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