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PRESS RELEASE: Harmony Scott Jewelry Design Closing After 23 Years

PRESS RELEASE: Harmony Scott Jewelry Design Closing After 23 Years

August 2, 2021 CARBONDALE, CO – Harmony Scott Jewelry Design, a staple of historic downtown Carbondale, is permanently closing its doors on September 6, 2021. Harmony Scott’s 23 years of jewelry design has been a journey of inspiration and creation as she adorned the “inner Goddess of every women” through her artisanal, elegant, handmade jewelry designs through her Carbondale (2000-2021 and Aspen (2002-2015) stores. Over those years, Harmony built quite a portfolio of work, creating over 1,000 original designs while working with artisans in Bali to produce her limited-edition collections.  

Celebrate with the Harmony Scott Jewelry Design community the whole month of August. Stop in to say goodbye, complete your handmade jewelry collections, and enjoy the closing sale before the final day of business on September 6th.  

According to the artist and business owner, Harmony Scott, “It's bittersweet to finalize this chapter, close the doors and step into the future without the steady presence of Harmony Scott Jewelry in downtown Carbondale. This business has always been an expression of my heart, spirit and creativity. The past 20+ years have been a beautiful journey, and I am definitely feeling deep tenderness saying goodbye!” 
Raised by bohemian hippie parents between the tropical island of Kaua’i and the Colorado Rockies, Harmony Morningstar Scott was surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs from a young age.  After graduating from Aspen High, she always yearned to move back. In 1996 Harmony returned to Aspen to apprentice with the jeweler Elaine Greenspan, and learned the Etruscan art of gold granulation and jewelry fabrication.   

Encouraged by her mentor, Scott began making her jewelry from a rustic cabin on the top of Aspen Mountain in 1998. Working by the light of lanterns with a full view of Highlands Bowl, Harmony discovered her distinctive style, explored and mastered her technique, and began establishing her loyal following as Aspen's Favorite Designer. Her designs always feature genuine, natural pearls and gemstones set or wrapped in sterling silver, 22kt gold vermeil, or 18 karat gold.  

After creating every design in the early years, the demand for her jewelry could not be filled by the hands of one person, leading Scott to find a creative lifestyle solution, blending her attraction to Asian culture with her creative business.  
Since 2002, Harmony has worked in partnership with a small group of Indonesian artisans in Bali, a small island known for remarkable craftsmanship, teaching her intricate technique and high standards of quality in her original designs to the Balinese artisans.  

The next chapter for Harmony Scott has her focusing entirely on her next career as a love, sexuality, and relationship coach. The career change has been decades in the making, and the artist sees the change as an evolution and shift from physical adornment into more emotional and psychological healing. “What has not changed is my desire to help people unlock, uncover and celebrate their unique contributions of beauty in the world,” reflects Scott. “What is more important than our soulful human connections, communication, and intimacy? I have a tremendous gift to share with my clients around the world, supporting them in their love, sexuality and relationships. This is such a nourishing and fulfilling path for me as a creative being supporting others in a wholehearted way!”  

“I want to thank Carbondale, Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley, and all of the people who have supported us for 20+ years: my clients and fans around the world, my staff, friends and family. You have all made this journey so rich and fulfilling!” 

Harmony Scott Jewelry Design is located on 199 Main Street in Carbondale, Colorado, and online at www.HarmonyScott.com. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 10AM to 6PM with extended hours on First Friday and the final Sundays of the August. The final day of business is Monday, September 6, 2021. For more information about the coaching business of Harmony Scott, visit www.harmonyscottcoaching.com  

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Nov 07, 2021

I’m so saddened to see your amazing business close. Many years ago I was in a tough place when I worked for you…Lindsay Lussan. I want you to know that your words of encouragement really helped me become the woman I am today. I am a mother of identical 2 year old Twins, have a very successful career, and to this day have some of the jewelry I was able to purchase as an employee. I understand it’s a reach, but many years ago I was able to purchase the black sapphire necklace that was stolen from me when I still lived in Aspen. If you have anything in your inventory anywhere, I would be more than happy to pay full price. I can still be reached at the same phone number 970-948-2042. I don’t think you understand how much you saved my life during a very difficult time and I am forever grateful. Thank you for being an amazing inspiration and I strive every day to be a leader that you would respect.

Lindsay Barentine

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