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Harmony Scott's Made-for-You Ritual to Create Your Own Full Moon Ceremony

Harmony Scott's Made-for-You Ritual to Create Your Own Full Moon Ceremony


This blog was originally published by Harmony Scott Coaching and can be found here. 

Humans have been using the high tide power in the Full Moon for thousands of years. This it the perfect moment to shed old energy, realign, amplify, recreate and open yourself to new opportunities and ways of being in body/mind/spirit for the next phase of your life! 

This ritual is a wake-up call to the subconscious mind and also puts the Universe on notice that you are ready to let go of old limiting beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back from you full potential at this time. By creating a personal ceremony, you are invoking the power of nature to support and enhance your intention-setting and help you transform what no longer serves you. It is also important to set fresh intentions for new magical opportunities to come to you in all the areas you just purged and released.

*this ritual is just a suggestion, I encourage you to make this your own! You may not want to burn your page, you may just want to sit and meditate, or dance, or walk. Most important is to create a time to be mindful of what you are now ready to let go of in your life!


What You Need for Full Moon Release:

  • Quiet, safe space and about 20-30 minutes of time

  • Journal or paper & pen

  • Candle/sage/incense/flowers to create a beautiful & sacred environment

  • Matches & safe place to burn paper - Large metal bowl, sink or a fireplace 

  • Optional: objects of power or personal significance like crystals, shells, talismans - images of teachers/family/saints/guru

  • Optional: Ability to go outside under the Full Moon, (or as close to full as possible- daytime is also fine) to absorb the healing and clearing light *I like to write the list in the comfort of my home, & do the burning outside.

Full Moon RELEASE Ritual

1) Set your sacred space. Find a quiet place to sit, place crystals or other special items around you. Light the candle & sage, have your journal in front of you. If possible, do this under the light of the Full Moon or as close to Full Moon day as possible.

2) Clear your energy. Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative and non-serving energies to be washed away. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself and then begin to write down the most “charged” things in life you wish to release and LET GO that no longer serve you, that you no longer need, or aspects of yourself you have outgrown and are ready to shed and leave behind.

3) Set Your Clear Intention of What you are Letting Go

Let Go- Unburden - Purge-  Clean Out - Release - Burn Away

“What am I letting go of? What am I leaving behind?”
Focus on less than 10 main items that are holding a lot of energy for you in areas of mind/body/spirit/life/relationships/career.  Keep your words specific but don't get into negative emotional descriptions. Stay in Gratitude- after all- most of these things may have served a purpose of building strength or wisdom or were protecting or creating contrast to help learn or bring clarity about what you DO want. Use wording like “Thank you for the wisdom I have gained…I now let go of….”  “I now release….” “I now clean out…” “I Decide I no longer…”

4) Set Your Clear Intention of What you are Calling In

Re-Align – Re-set – Re-imagine- Intend- Envision - Create “What do I want to Create? What am I stepping into?”

Write on a fresh page what you would like to experience this month in all areas-mind/body/spirit/life/relationships/career...be specific and use positive supportive language. "I am now ready for…” “I am now creating…” “I now invite…” “I Decide that…”

5) Release & Reset
Re-read the Letting Go list 1st
- out loud if possible. At the finish, breathe deep into your heart and declare “I now let this go. And it is so.” 

BURN this list in your sink or outside in safe spot! Place one corner of the piece of paper over the candle allowing the flame to light your page (throw the page into the empty bowl as it burns) As the flames consume the list imagine them lifting into air out of your body & life and being a dispersed into the white light of the Full moon.

Now Re-read the Calling In list -SLOWLY and with full presence. Drink in the pleasure of these intentions, and really allow this to sink in. Put yourself into the space of fully receiving these incredible shifts in your life and what that feels like! 

Complete with “This or something better is now manifesting in all areas of my life, for the highest good of all"  

**Keep this Calling In -Intention list in your journal, a copy on your bathroom mirror, in your car- or where you can see it through the month. You can also record yourself reading this list in your voice memos, and listen to it daily to ground your intentions. Review at the New Moon (two weeks) for a potent time to plant these desires even more deeply. 

When you are finished, say  a prayer of gratitude for taking this sacred time for yourself.

Please let me know how this goes for you…I love to hear your experience and how this impacted you! If this awakens a desire to be supported and guided even more deeply right now, I invite you to book a free Discovery Call with me. I am here to hold space, offer tools, and be your powerful guide towards more joy, magic and satisfaction in your life!

This blog was originally published by Harmony Scott Coaching and can be found here. 

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