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Claire's Journey with Harmony Scott Jewelry Design

Claire's Journey with Harmony Scott Jewelry Design

10 Years of Harmony Scott Jewelry through Claire's Eyes

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10 years ago, my life changed

There was a moment that preceded my arrival to the Roaring Fork Valley 10 years ago that I couldn’t forget. On my way into Aspen, at the top of Independence Pass, a distinct voice whispered to me, “Welcome Home.” I’d like to say I took the message with grace, but I pulled my car over, 2,000 miles into the journey from Boston, jumped out, looked around like I was being pranked. And said out loud, “Weird. I have another 1,000 miles to go,” and descended into the valley to see my sister. What a weekend it was, and I decided the life laid out ahead of me wasn’t what I wanted. So, I cancelled it. And now (then), I was looking for a path that felt unequivocally “mine.”

After a few days, I called Harmony Scott Jewelry Design to ask if "they" were hiring. They weren't, off-season and all. What neither Harmony nor I knew at the time was that her shop manager of 10 years, Collin Arnold (you remember, Collin!), was planning to go to nursing school in December, and had been looking for her replacement. She found her in me. 

I got a part-time job at Harmony’s, and worked dinners at the now-closed Red Onion. They shared a back alley, so I would talk to Harmony’s clients during the day, and often see them at The Red O later that night, transformed in all black, wearing an apron lined with pens, my hair pulled back, but same jewelry. Sometimes I’d see them later that night, for a third time, at The Belly Up. Sometimes they’d “see” me. Sometimes not. 

And so it all began.

Journeying full circle. 

When the Aspen shop closed, Harmony and I realized our journey wasn’t done, so we morphed together. She supported me in starting my current marketing and consulting business to work with the small-business-creatives of this place. I moved from Aspen to Basalt to Carbondale, enjoying aspects of the valley unique to each community. I love Carbondale, but I do miss walking to Ajax most winter mornings, then walking to work, and going home 15 hours later, exhausted but fulfilled. It was a time for my 20s.

There’s been something about the steadiness of "Harmony’s" in my adult life, and my childhood, for that matter. The first time I met Harmony was in the Carbondale shop. I was about 12 (I’m 32, now). I came in with my mom, an HSJD aficionado, and found a little ribbon necklace with a pearl. She told me if I was able to keep that through the Summer without losing it, I could get something “bigger.” Driven to earn my status as a jewelry wearer, I kept that necklace (and still have it).

And, so began my love of Harmony’s jewelry so many years ago, rooted in that special feeling that I was worthy of wearing it, of being supported and beautified and goddessed by it. So began a long stream of compliments and comments from strangers and friends, and so began the beginning of my future career. That moment steered me away from my own jewelry business towards business school, but I came back to Harmony.

End of an era

As I celebrate this anniversary, I’m also celebrating the closing of this chapter, as Harmony Scott Jewelry Design’s last day open is September 6th.

I managed Harmony’s Aspen shop for 4 years in 3 locations, with 2 trips to Bali and 1 new website. I took part in countless photoshoots: scouting locations, dressing our Goddesses, straightening jewelry, dabbing lip gloss, and joining in photos. I met hundreds of our sweet, beautiful customers, and I'll miss you. I already do. 

It’s hard to wrap up something that becomes such a part of your life. It’s hard to imagine what holes will appear in the tapestry of my days. It’s sad not to have the store as a go-to place on Main Street. It’s odd to imagine a future where I don’t talk to Crystal, the shop manager and one my best friends, on a nearly daily basis. It’s sobering to think about that community of men and women who come together in appreciation of beauty, gifts, and love disbanding without a place to gather. But, I know we’ll find each other through the beacon and the conversations that always begin with, “Is that a Harmony?” It’s quite a community that has been built over these 23 years, brought together by Harmony’s creations.


Thank you for seeing me

I want to thank Harmony for all she did for me and with me.

She saw an opportunity in me, a capability that blossomed under her guidance and care. She showed me how to look for and manage the details in visual design, in maintenance, in communication, in beauty. She let me learn and do and learn and do, again and again, under her watch and dime. She took me to the other side of the world to Bali, opened her space and life, drove me around on a motorbike until I was ready for my own. She told me about the magic of encompassing my being in white light to pass through darkness. She took me to sacred water temples, introduced me to ecstatic dance, showed me the world she had been discovering for a decade and gave me an instant-access-pass and a written and personal guide. She gave me patience, and presence, and ski passes and jewelry, the greatest benefits I could have imagined. She sat with me through difficult conversations, and life changes, and met me, and saw me. She listened to me through my 20s as I found and lost and found myself.

And now, I see the journey she was on while she supported me in mine. It’s coming to fruition, and her desires of something new and even greater are manifesting. And so, it’s hard to be sad that this era is ending knowing so much beauty is unfolding. I look forward to these times of creation. Of growth. Of expansion and soul-filling joy and purpose. I look forward to seeing where Harmony, Crystal, Holly, and I go. I know we will each continue to Adorn the Goddess Within, but in a different light, and a new way.

I don’t think Harmony knows this, but in high school when asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I never had an exact answer, but I referenced this woman in Aspen who had a jewelry business and travelled to Bali twice a year. And I thought, “Yeah. That’s the life.” And now, as she dives in to a business that allows her to help the inner goddess shine as a love, sexuality, and relationship coach while living in Spain with her amazing husband, I wouldn’t change my answer. Thank you for your bravery and vision. 

While I am not filling her shoes and taking over the business with Crystal, Harmony has inspired me to build that travel into my life, to have the autonomy and responsibility and freedom of self-employment. She has taught me to create my own path rather than walk down someone else’s. It’s a hard road, but it’s a beautiful one. 

Harmony, thank you. Without your faith and trust in me, I would not have blossomed as I have, with so much beauty in my world. Wishing you the greatest good from the highest powers. Wishing you a full, vibrant, successful, supported and fulfilling future.

Thank you.

With Love,


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