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#ChallengeAccepted - the REAL Who, What, Why it ACTUALLY is About…

#ChallengeAccepted - the REAL Who, What, Why it ACTUALLY is About…

Shared by @theharmonyscott  via @accordingtoweeze on Instagram

I Stand w/ Womxn & Femmes in Turkey & N. Kurdistan & THE WORLD against Gender Based Violence. I stand for a world where all beings are safe, loved, and protected.

When I saw the flood of B&W images of friends posting a “challenge” it was lovely, but I didn’t really understand…the WHY and apparently a lot of other people don’t either.

Sadly, the original intent of this movement was removed - and instead we have a flood of lovely B&W images with no sense of WHY.

So here is an attempt to educate - please share this info to support this movement so the message does not get lost in translation and the challenge won’t lose its meaning.

This "CHALLENGE" started to bring awareness and support to the Womxn in Turkey & Northern Kurdistan who are being murdered in gender-based violence at shockingly increasing rates.

In Turkey, when a women dies of femicide her B&W photo is posted in social media (Turkey has one of the highest rates of IG popularity).

Turkey is one of the top countries in rates of femicides. In 2019 almost 500 femicides were recorded - and many remain unrecorded so the real numbers are unknown.

The conservative Turkish government has discouraged outcry, activism and awareness around this issue.

The B&W photo challenge started as a way for women to raise their voice and to stand in solidarity with the women who have been killed.

There is also an acknowledgement of the priviledge of being a woman who can raise her voice - that in a different place, a different circumstance...each of us could be that victim.

The justice system does nothing to stop these crimes, or the murderers barely get a slap on the wrist or no charges at all.

Victims are often blamed- rumors about the victim being “disloyal, impure or deserving” their fate.

The murderers are often portrayed as helpless, passionate lovers just trying to “knock some sense” into their victim.

Socially in Turkey and N. Kurdistan (as in other areas in the world) it is often considered impolite to question domestic violence issues.

This is happening in the USA and Europe too! This happens in homes and communities all across the country. Thousands of Womxn, Black, Brown, and Indigenous Girls/Women/Two-Spirit are missing/dead there as well.

So if you want a “challenge” - please copy and paste or do your research when you post your gorgeous B&W photo.

Please also use the ORIGINAL hashtags that got dropped!!!

#istanbulsözleşmesiyaşatır #kadınaşiddetehayır (from research on google these translate to “say no to violence against women” and “enforce the Istanbul treaty”)

Deep thanks and credit to @accordingtoweeze for this breakdown

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