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Niishibo Designs by Georgie, Guest Artist

Niishibo Designs by Georgie, Guest Artist

Our Earrings by Georgie

Spiral Gold Earrings by Georgie Fractal Earrings by Georgie 

"I focus on creating truly unique designs that are produced to the highest quality. Something to wear everyday, that lasts a lifetime, that looks beautiful, is comfortable and that people will notice.

Initially I started my business as a way to help finance my life as a single, traveling mom, selling pieces that I had collected or made. Nowadays I live in Bali with my production taking place in Celuk, the center for silversmithing in the heart of Bali.

My inspiration mainly comes from nature, the patterns on leaves, trees, flowers and seeds. I also love indigenous and tribal antique jewellery from around the world, anything with a one-off or handmade feel.

I work with a small team, Mr. Nyoman and his wife, who organise and feed the guys who do the hand finishing of my earrings and ear weights.
And a small casting factory "Intan Sakti", who take my sample piece and create the mould then cast in brass using the lost wax technique.

My beautiful assistant Septiyari deals with everything else from quality control over shipping to accounting. She is amazing!

I have been producing jewellery for many years and in many places like India and Nepal, but after producing in Bali, I would never go anywhere else. The Balinese craftsmanship mixed with their friendliness and overall good feeling makes working here a joy."

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