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DNA Jewelry Designs by Donna Angelo

DNA Jewelry Designs by Donna Angelo

Donna Angelo Jewelry

In 2000, Donna Angelo started her own collection of jewelry, dna jewelry designs, combining her love for beautiful gemstones and fresh water pearls with contrasting organic metal forms. Her inspirations include color, texture, science, nature, industrial motifs in the design process. Her inspiration is echoed in each hand crafted piece, marrying classic modern design with natural, organic elements.

Donna Angelo's DNA jewelry designs studio is located in downtown Buffalo, NY. She continues to take risks with her designs and takes pride in the continual growth of her business. Today, dna jewelry designs can be found in boutiques and galleries throughout New York and at art shows across the Northeast.

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Jan 16, 2018

Yay! I miss our bi-annual get togethers over a purchase spree. Many of my favorites have fallen apart and I need a new stash. Let me know how to order. Do you have an online selection? Xox Francesca


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