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Crystal Colantino, Guest Artist

Crystal Colantino, Guest Artist

Honey Tree Botanicals Herbal Infused Honeys

Lavender Vanilla Infused Honey Peppermint Infused Honey 

Honeytree Botanicals was founded on principles of community, connection, and a global vision of Honey Bee sustainability.  Passion peaked for solar herbal infusions during an internship at Denver’s Moondance, a specialty herbal shop, in 2012. A move to Carbondale Colorado later that year provided a platform to connect with local bee keepers and herbal gardeners, using biodynamic methods to cultivate life and build soil. Colorado’s sunshine begged for the golden herbal infused honeys and In 2013, Honey Tree Botanicals was born from the support of Crystal’s brother Ryan during a conversation by the river one evening. The demand for this solar infused honey began to grow amongst friends and family. 

Using organic and sustainable practices, Honey Tree botanicals uses only the finest herbs and purest honey. Each blend is small batch, no larger than one gallon. Created with intention that goes beyond flavor profiles, the herbal blend basks in the sunshine for over 8 weeks naturally drawing out the constituents of each herb which delicately integrates into the honey. This honey can be used from food to face wash and it never goes bad. 

Crystal fell in love with the Honey Bee and stepped into supporting her own hives in the spring of 2016. After learning more about this precious and vital creature, she was baffled at the industry standards undermining the preciousness of this liquid gold with over 25k flower trips required to produce one pound of honey. As we all know, the honey bee is in danger. It is her mission to educate and continue to find more ways for sustainable honey bee growth while harnessing the suns strength to pollinate her own passion. 

HoneyTree Botanicals supports community, sustainable agriculture and love. Honey is healing, as are the elements that naturally create this connection. 

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