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Beautify Your House Plants While Up-Cycling

Beautify Your House Plants While Up-Cycling

Decorate Your Plants
Crystal Colantino, our shop manager, is a plant-whisperer. She knows what they need, and how to give them that "extra something."  During the times she hasn't been working on the remodel for our updated shop space (can't wait to share more!), she has been working on beautiful plant starters and arrangements for our shop and for a PopUp Plant PickUp at Mana Foods in Carbondale Sunday, April 26th from 10AM to 4PM. 
We felt inspired to share Crystal’s amazing plant project! She recently re-discovered secret pockets of treasures- seashells collected at the beach, a strand of Citrine beads, river pebbles collected over the years... (anyone else cleaning out my those drawers of treasures and dust?). Here are some before and after images of her plants and their treasures!
Instead of putting them back in their box or drawer, she adorned her beautiful succulents and cacti- dressing them up, covering the dirt, and allowing her to see both of these collections, while beautifying them!
Decorate Pots with Unused Gemstones
Before  /  After Images of Plant Decorating with River Pebbles
Before  /  After Images of Plant Decorating with Sea Shells

Keep in mind, salty seashells need to be soaked for a long time in fresh water so the salt doesn’t leach in to the soil.
Do you have any potted plants or found treasures that would look beautiful together?
Send and questions our way or leave them in the comments, and Crystal will get back to you  

Happy adorning! Your plants and soul (soil?) will thank you.

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