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Angie Oakins, Guest Artist

Angie Oakins, Guest Artist

Angie Oakins Hoop Earrings

  Angie Oakins Asymmetical Earrings

"Inspired by nature and an adventure seeker, Angie's jewelry offers a unique presentation of raw stones (sapphires, rubies and diamonds) and refined gems (cabochons) set in sterling silver and gold--exquisite and attractive for both everyday style and for the timeless elegance for daily adornment or for special occasions. 

Out natural environment gives us balance through asymmetry-- as embodied by the beauty of these sacred stones that shine through all the natural change and physical hardship they have endured, which contributes to their growth and form. The jewelry created by Oakins offers a simple and elegant compliment to all of the moments and events that we have to celebrate and experience in life.

Angie's designs are intended to reflect the evolution of our love for nature and the ability to capture and appreciate life in its organic state of beauty."

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