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About Harmony Scott Jewelry

Harmony Scott is the designer for Harmony Scott Jewelry, and she believes that adornment is an essential means of self-expression, and takes pride in providing beautiful and special pieces that resonate with each woman's inner style. Every piece is handmade, designed and created with love and intention, and waits until the right connection is made...with you! Every gemstone is handpicked by Harmony and checked for quality, color, and perfection. In our shop, you will find only real pearls and gemstones set or wrapped in sterling silver, 22kt gold vermeil, or 18kt gold.

Harmony's wire-wrapping technique and ability are exceptional. Her high standards, attention to detail, and appreciation of the small things demand that each wrap is done perfectly and each gemstone be hand-picked with the right match. There are no shortcuts in jewelry making, and incredible patience and time is necessary in creating these beautiful pieces. 

Every gemstone comes from our mother earth and every pearl starts in a watery shell. Natural things have the nuance of difference, and we feel our work’s strength is in its individuality. Jewelry should be worn and celebrated!

While time no longer allows Harmony to make every piece, her involvement in the process is deep and essential. Every gem is touched by her fingers, and every design comes from her heart and soul. Harmony still makes the first of every piece, but now has help from a team of highly skilled and dedicated artists, personally trained by Harmony, who help her make more of our limited edition pieces. Keep in mind that these pieces are made in incredibly small quantities, often with less than 10 made in total. She enjoys creating only a few of each style so the jewelry remains unique in this world of mass-market mediocrity.

We hope our work will help you to express your individuality, inner fire, beauty and humanity. We hope you will wear your jewelry often, receive an abundance of compliments and share our website and beautiful unique jewelry with all your family and friends. We look forward to hearing about the adventures you and your Harmony Scott Jewelry have together! We especially love photos of you wearing your Harmony Jewelry. Please email us with any comments or compliments. Please note that this jewelry is made by hand, with love… for you!

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